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Step and Stretch

Jane Fonda's Step and Stretch

Jane's step videos are good for a beginner, but not for the intermediate or advanced. I am an advanced stepper, and this one did not challenge me, and the moves bored me a little bit. However, its an exellent video for the beginning stepper, or if you don't have a lot of energy and want a light day.

Kathy Lapinski

Step and Stretch
Level: Intermediate

I always liked the first step video Jane came out with and now I like this video even better. You can increase or decrease the intensity of your workout by raising or lowering the step. In this video I always finish feeling pleasantly challenged and not overworked. Indeed a total body workout.

This video is led by 4 of Janes's veteran instructors which keep the routines fresh as they rotate throughout the video. The music is upbeat and lively and with this step video there isn't a routine I don't like. Cueing as usual is right on target. The background is pleasant to look at. The 4 instructors throughout the video offer safety tips and constantly remind you of your breathing, keeping your back straight, proper foot placement, and drinking plenty of water before, during, and after your workout.

The video ends with a 20 minute stretch. For me it's not as good as I had hoped it to be. However I have never done it consistently to make a valued judgement concerning it.

Carolyn Heying

Instructor comments:

Jane actually only leads the stretch portion of this workout. Three other instructors, whose names I don't know, lead the step part. All exhibit good form and are upbeat and motivating.

I bought this because I really liked Jane's Lower Body Workout which is a step tape as well. However, I don't like this one much at all. The music is a lot different -- not as fun to dance to. And the choreography is a little on the boring side. The stretch section is adequate, but not as relaxing as I had hoped.

All things considered, I gave up on this one. It just didn't seem worth my time.

Annie S.

This tape is very similar to the step and abdominal tape in that different instructors rotate teaching the routines, and it is followed by a segment (stretching) with Jane Fonda After doing this tape twice, I thought it was okay, and this review sounded different before I deleted a bunch of my old text! I must admit, I bought this tape because I'm too chicken to buy Cathe Friedrich. There were some moves that I had not done before, so it seemed interesting. But, I did this video again today, and geez, I was bored to tears. I never thought I'd say that about a video, because when all I had was her first step video and the Reebok Step, I used to think I just liked simple moves, nothing complicated. But I realized after doing Kari Andersons's Two the Max I'd never experienced that feeling where you are working so hard on the choreography, that the workout is just a side effect, and before you know it, the workout is over and you feel great. This morning I just kept thinking, okay, we've done enough step-taps on this side, let's get moving and try something else. Everything just seemed to be repeated over and over again. I finished the video, but I think it'll go into the exchange list. I think it's a good intermediate video for someone that really just wants basic choreography. The music is okay and the instructors are okay. I think I've just gotten a small taste of more advanced choreography, and want my mind challenged as well as my body.

Lucy Loftin

I still do this one when I really want to just zone out when I do aerobics. There's no tricky choreography, no really funky dance steps, no big propulsion lunge-squat things. Just relatively basic, low-impact stepping. I like this one because of the music, (funky but low-key) and three of the instructors are competent, likable and fun. This is a good tape for beginners because the instructors offer so many options- jump, don't jump, step, no step- that exercisers at most any level can find their niche to help them inprove and get healthier. Also, the steps are basic and easy to follow- good for beginners, the choreographically impaired and people who've had a rough day or resistance workout and just want to let it go with some fun, heart-pumping aerobics that don't require a great deal of your body or your brain. The only section Jane leads is the stretch. It is relaxing and soothing, but I by far prefer the stretch on her stress reduction tape. For me, I find it loosens my muscles after a tough workout better than any stretch tape out there. I do recommend this tape, basically for beginners to intermediates who would like an introduction to stepping. I recommend the stretch segment for anyone who works and would like a longer, deeper, more comprehensive stretch than the five minutes that is offered at the end of most workouts.

An ever-changing cast of thousands.... to be fair, this doesn't bother me. I like Michelle LeMay. She's seems fun and funky and REAL. Linda McHugh and Jeff Blahnik are also fine instructors, again real and motivating. The worst one is Laurel. Everytime I've done this video, I wanted to strangle her if she mentioned my booty one more time. She seems the least professional to me. Fortunately, she is balanced by the others. Overall, they are a no-nonsense group, who keep the aerobics moving and the energy high.


The choreography was a bit easier than from the previous "Step Aerobic and Abdominal Workout", with reworked music from the video. The moves are simpler and are well shown to viewers so they see what they're supposed to do and can master it quickly. There are hard segments in the step routine, but the program is very effective and enjoyable. The stretch is excellent and really relaxing.

Instructor comments: Jane leads only the stretch segment but does it with minimal confusion. She makes the moves simple and effective. The step portion is led by 4 instructors who really give you a workout. The 2 instructors who I mainly thought were good were Laurel and Linda. The other 2 were too flaky. They can be overlooked if you really get into the tape though.

Michael B

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