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New Workout

The choreography is almost 80% from the first Workout, but more emphasis is placed on proper posture and form during the sessions. The tape offers 35 minutes of exercise for the beginner and 55 minutes of a more advanced workout. 12 minutes of aerobics is in the beginners and 16 in the advanced. High impact aerobics for beginners is not the way to go. This tape is great for an intermediate to low advanced exerciser. The music is pretty catchy and the moves fun. This tape is also unfortunately out of print, but still for retail sale for $30. It's 90 minutes and was made in 1985. The "Complete Workout" (1988) is said to be the modern version of this program. This, the Workout, and Workout Challenge are out of print, but can be found.

Instructor comments: Jane is very good in this tape. She really learned alot in the 3 years between this and the first video, which is very evident. A survivor of the first workout leads the aerobics with a catchy tune to test breathing. Jane really speaks more on the right way to do something rather than just going to do it. She really does a great job of leading an exercise class, with the right motivation skills.

Michael B.

The original workout video was the best. I am so disapointed that the new one wasn't made the same with adding emphasis on wearing running shoes and adding verbage on safety precautions. I would still do this workout if I could purchase it adding my own safety precaution! WHATEVER JANE.

Instructor comments: Jane is the greatest but why would she let someone else lead this class and why would she change it so drastically from the "doomed" original workout.


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