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This is the only Jane Fonda aerobic workout I've ever liked. Jane only teaches the toning section, and she's good at cuing and instructing on proper form. The three instructors who lead the step segment are enthusiastic and good at introducing new steps.

The step segment has great, motivating music, and the choreography is pretty good, if somewhat "easy." The intensity level is intermediate. It can also be beginner-intensity by not using a step. Some of the participants in the video do it without a step.

The toning section is lower body -- hips, thighs, buns, and abs. The hip and thigh section is really good, as long as you make sure your weights are heavy enough. The buns/hamstring exercises are too short to be of any value, even if you use 10 pounds. The abs exercises are pretty good, too.

I'm torn between rating this as an A or a B. It's definitely an A for beginners and B for advanced. For intermediate, I guess it would be an A- or a B+, huh?

Annie S.

The first 30 minutes of the video are low-impact aerobics. You can use a step if you want, but you're not on the step all the time. The moves are basic, and to increase your heart rate you have to exaggerate the arm movements and put a lot of energy into the moves. It's easy to zone out during this workout because it's pretty simple and repetitive, but you can still work up a sweat. Near the end of the aerobics section, the three instructors add some toning moves, such as side kicks, abductor extensions, squats and lunges. After a cooldown with a few tricky moves (I just step-touch or march if my feet get mixed up), Jane Fonda leads you through floor exercises. Beginners don't need ankle weights, but more advanced exercisers will find them a big help. Jane starts with outer thigh leg lifts and variations, moves to inner thigh lifts and, again, variations, then onto your elbows and knees for a brief hamstring/glute section, and ends with abs. It's pretty comprehensive for your lower body. Her stretch-out is too short, so I keep stretching while the tape rewinds. I love this video when I want a refreshing workout but also want to lie down for half of it. You'll get some mild cardio conditioning and toning. Because of Jane's soft voice and the jazzy soundtrack in the toning section, I always feel relaxed after this workout. I highly recommend it for anyone's exercise video library. Grade: A.

Instructor comments: Laurel, Jeanie, and "The Guy" lead the aerobics portion of the class. All three are excellent at cuing. Laurel is vivacious; Jeanie is relaxed and having a good time; and The Guy is gung-ho to get your heart rate up. They make a fun team. Jane Fonda teaches the toning and stretches. Her voice and the background music are soothing. I like to close my eyes and concentrate on what I'm doing instead of the TV. Jane's cuing is so good you don't need to watch. She's excellent at getting you to work out with proper form, and also at teaching how to stretch properly.

Lilly Anderson

Fitness level: Beginner, Intermediate, those who like low impact, those who want a cardio for a "light" day.

Equipment: None for the cardio, or step if you wish. None for the lower body workout, or ankle weights if you wish.

Workout Type: Easy aerobics, then lower body floorwork

Workout length: 4.20 min warmup and stretch; 26.40 of actual cardio and lunges etc. towards the later part of cardio; 4 min. cooldown; then 18 min. lower body floorwork; 6 min. abs; 2.25 min. stretch. Total length of tape is 61.25 min

Music: The cardio music has a beat that makes you want to dance. but it is not very fast, so intensity will depend on you, whether you chose to use the step, height, etc.

Presentation: This video is dated, and they are dressed in leotards etc. The lower body workout is very good, it will be easy or tough depending on how much your ankle weights weigh.

The set: simple simple simple, not much thought putting it together.

The cast: for the cardio it is 4 women and 3 men. plus the instructor.

the cardio workout:
4 people use a step (but not all the time, they go on and off) and 4 people do Floor aerobics.

the choreography cannot get any simpler.

marches, heel taps, v-steps, grapevines, low impact...

at 28min. knee lifts then small lunges (that is not-deep) then half squats, slower moves.

The Lower Body workout: one on one with Jane.

Outer leg lifts 16x then 12 2count/ then bends knee in then up alternating with 2 count knee lifts
Inner leg lifts 12x then 8 3-count then 8 half lift and forward
then 8 half lift and back the 5 of both

other side of body everything.

on fours lift leg back , bend knee and lower 5x per leg
7 pulses 4x each leg
3-count lift leg, extend and lower 4x each leg

at 53min. 6 min. of abs

then stretches.

101.25 min - End

Total Rating: Hard to assess since the cardio can benefit new, older, and exercisers who need a dancing cardio... I may dare compare to Richard Simmons. For all those groups it does what they need.
The leg work - is sufficient! Intermediate and Advanced should use ankle weights and will get variety to their lower body workouts.
It is not excessive and it is not too little work either... so it accomplishes it's task.
I used 4lb ankle weights after Kimba's warning!! and my butt hurts so good, today the next day.

I won't give it a numerical grade. because you have to look at who is doing it. So I just describe it and You decide for yourself.

I'm glad I got it. I'll be using it after my surgery!


Instructor comments: During the cardio there are several who take turns leading. during the floorwork Jane is one on one with you.


2 July 2003

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