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Favorite Fat Burners

Music: Varied instrumental
Length: 50 minutes. 4 minute motion warm-up, 36 minute aerobics including a 5 minute cooldown dance, 10-minute stretches (mainly on floor)
Energy Level: high
Choreography: mostly easy
Production: varied but good

This is actually a compilation of routines from four of Fonda's videos ( 3 from Stress Reduction, 2 from Complete Workout, 2 from Lean Routine, 3 from Low Impact), but they work ok together. If nothing else, it's a good introduction to the four videos if you're not sure which one to get. [I tried Lean Routine but found the choreography too difficult and the camera moves too distracting (the routines in this selection are the easiest) and have the Low Impact video (and the selections are typical of the routines in Low Impact)]. The Stress Reduction numbers are to really nice, soft Caribbean and jazz and are fun. Fonda always does excellent cueing and either shows lower impact alternatives or they are obvious. It's probably not possible to do the entire tape at a low intensity level, but you don't have to work up to her level either. If you already have all the tapes, you probably shouldn't get this one unless it turns out that she's put together your favorite routines, too.

Denise Danielle

This video is based on the "fat burning zone" theory that if you exercise in the lower end of your training zone you will burn more fat. Selected numbers from other Fonda tapes are put together to make up a routine consisting of a warm-up, floor aerobics, cool down and stretch. At the end of the tape is a lecture by Fonda on healthy and sensible weight loss.

I usually prefer basic and athletic moves, so I was pleasantly surprised to find that the choreography was not too difficult -- even fun!! Jane is the primary instructor and she always prepares you for upcoming changes. She periodically reminds you to "talk to her" and not to get too breathless. In some of the numbers, half the room demonstrates low impact or less intense variations. You'll never get bored because of the constant changes in outfits, music and steps. Fortunately, this also means that a couple of minor annoyances (some silly outfits, occasional whoops) are not present throughout the tape.

One warning - all Jane's tapes have a "Hollywood" feel to them. The exercisers have perfect bodies and plastic smiles. Despite the title, no one here *needs* to burn fat. If these features would discourage you, skip this tape and try another instructor.

Denise B.

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