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FitBall: Balanced Workout

The cast in this video seem a little stiff, especially in the pre workout informational section (on why fitball's are a good thing). During the workout, no one in the video is talking - there's just a voice instructing. The aerobic part according to Collage is only 15 minutes and I must admit I never made it through the whole 15 minutes due to boredom. You're basically bouncing up and down on the ball while moving your arms. Sometimes you move your feet in and out or back and forth. I felt the bouncing in my quads but didn't think it was very aerobic ( I believe Collage calls this video beginner/intermediate - I consider myself intermediate). The rest of the video is a bunch of short sections showing various toning exercises, many using a dynaband. The dynaband exercises were mixed in with stabalization exercises with the ball only. There were also various stretches using the ball. I think if the ball only exercises had been in one section I 'might' have kept this video (I traded it away) but I wasn't interested in the dynaband exercises and didn't want to deal with fast forwarding through them. Plus, having the so many sections was kind of strange since there were only a couple exercises in each section and the section seperator causes a slight pause between sections. Personally, I dislike lots of seperators because it really seems to slow a video down.

Lael Lambe
2 July 98

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