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Firm Power Walk Easy

(audio tape)

I just purchased a couple of walking tapes for some variety. I have a treadmill and don't use it nearly as much as I used to and I've decided to that I want to do some exercising in the evenings (maybe skip a couple of the mornings that I get up) while my family is watching TV.

First the music in this tape is similar to all the Firm tapes and I like walking to it better than doing the traditional firm video tapes. The warm up and stretch are good and long and get you ready for a strong walk.

This tape is a solid 40 minutes of walking and is supposed to be more aerobic than Power Walk Hard, with a little less dumbbell work. I felt a little silly the first time I did this tape outside. I didn't take the dumbbells with me because I didn't want to get too far and then wished I didn't have them but I did all the arm motions. This is a good upper body workout.

Susan Harris has a wonderful voice and good cueing. I think that if you haven't done any Firm exercise videos you may be confused on what to do with your arms or in the warm up and stretch. But Firm believers will know exactly what to do.

Overall, this is the best "total body" walking tape I have. I will get the Power Walk Hard someday.

The beats per minute are between 108 (3 miles per hour) and 132 (4:05 miles per hour). If you are interested in starting a walking program I would recommend this tape.

Instructor comments: Her voice is so calm and soothing and she keeps you motivated to get through the walk.


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