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The Firm Audio - Abs & Pelvic Diaphragm

Susan Harris

I know, I know would anyone really buy a tape called Abs & Pelvic Diaphragm? Well, I didn't buy it, I got it free from some deal The Firm was offering several years ago. Anyway, since I do use this tape, I thought, what the heck? I'll write a review so here goes, one thing that I really like about this cassette is that the workouts are set to some really great classical music, I mean the crunches and oblique twists follow the music exactly. Its a five-day ab program that incorporates pelvic floor exercises (I think this came out about the same time as Vol 6. which is why pelvic floorwork is included). Day 1 is approx. 7 min. long, Day 2 - 8 min. 48 sec., Day 3 - 8 min. 35 sec., Day 4 - 7 min. 50 sec., Day 5 - 7 min. 29 sec.

The tape includes a booklet which explains all the exercises as well as the infamous illustration of the pelvic floor that was in 20 Questions About Fitness.

The workouts include basic crunches, oblique twists, combo crunches, reverse crunches, and leg pulleys. Some days seem to concentrate more on the lower abs, and others more on the obliques and upper abs. Each of these workouts are pretty tough. I do this tape when I'm traveling or when I get bored with other ab videos. I don't mind the pelvic floor work, I don't feel as silly as I used to when doing it. (My husband came in one time while doing a video during pelvic floor work and wondered what on earth I was doing). I also found I concentrated more on my abs because I didn't have a TV to look at, just concentrate on my abs and enjoy the great classical music.

Instructor comments: Susan's cueing is very easy to follow but that's not surprising considering its an audio workout, and I don't think her voice is sexy on this at all.

Wendy M

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