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FIRM Body Sculpting System

This set contains three videos, an adjustable "Fanny Lifter" step, a 30 Day Rotation calandar and the FIRM's "Secrets to Success" booklet. Requires two to three sets of dumbbells.

See also separate reviews of the individual videos contained in this set:

Cardio Sculpt

Reviews of the set

I love the 3 video set. I get bored with the gym and walking. I have to do something that keeps my attention. These definitely do! I like the exercises and music. You are always moving and working different parts of your body. The instructors are inspiring because they are normal people, (moms, housewives, professionals, etc) like you & me. Very encouraging!

Instructor comments: She encourages you , and tells you to stay with her, just like in a live class. She also tells you what not to do (like bad form) I didn't even realize I was doing the exercise wrong, until she pointed it out. Easy to follow


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