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Firm Body Sculpt Blaster

Nancy Tucker

In Body Sculpt Blaster with Nancy Tucker, you're squeezing a full-body workout into 30 minutes, so you do a lot of upper and lower body work simultaneously. I
did it the other night and I enjoyed it. Maybe it was just the
heat, but I did NOT find it easy.

There's no pure cardio in it, but you do get winded with
the combination exercises and relatively quick sets. And there's NO supine ab work, only seated oblique work. My tape did come with the glitch during the oblique work, but I think I'm just going to hang onto it.

Renee Drellishak


This is a useful addition to the collection of many Firm fans because it is shorter than the older stuff---a mere 30 minutes, compared to the typical 45-60.

There are few moves here that will not be familiar, and several old classics get a new spin. There is a lengthy round of leg presses that alternate short with fast, for example, and the fast round is surprisingly challenging. Beginners should definitely take the hint and follow modifier Libby---this could be a very easy workout to hurt yourself on if you aren’t used to the moves.

The box describes the workout as using ‘compound’ moves, but I did not find the routine overly so. It was more ‘mixing’ moves then compounding them---there were a few bicep curls with side lunges, but for the most part, the count is so precise that you are seldom doing two moves simultaneously. For example, you’ll do a squat with a bicep curl, but the curl will take place during the down phase when you are already in position and not really moving anymore. This worked very well for a klutz like me as I could still get the time-efficientness without tripping all over myself. However, I did modify some of the more agile moves.

I would rate this tape a solid intermediate. You can grow with it, but there is just not enough time to do a lot of truly advanced work. And at the other end of the spectrum, a true beginner would have to be very careful. The mere presence of a modifying exerciser does not a beginner workout make---the cueing is limited to '‘ut your left foot on the box’ and ‘move this way’ sort of stuff with the occasional reminder to keep your toes or ankles or knees or whatever “in line.” As far as intensity goes, a beginner could use lighter weights, take a few breaks and keep up okay (and get a very good workout in doing so) but from a form standpoint, it would certainly help them to sit through a thorough instructional tape like Weight Training for Dummies first.

I like this tape, but I suspect that’s less because of any revolutionary new content (there isn’t any) and more because it’s half an hour, that suits me right now, and the best type of workout is one that you’ll do.



Wow - Great workout in 30 mins! This is perfect if you are just starting out and cannot complete the longer Firm videos or if you are advanced and only have 30 mins. to workout that day.



I did this video for the first time yesterday. It was an excellent time-saving workout. It uses a lot of upper and lower body moves together. That way your heartrate stays up. This is an intermediate level workout which an advanced person could modify by using heavier weights. A beginner could do this workout if he/she was a knowledgeable person who knew how to modify the moves. They show Libby working out with no weights, but I think that most beginners could use some weights. I highly recommend this workout as an effective workout for days when you are short on time or as an add-on after a walk. I think that if you had more time it would pair well with a workout with more floorwork.

Instructor comments: She is an excellent instructor and one of my favorite Firm Instructors.

Carole R.


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