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TransFIRM Your Trouble Zones

Kelsie Daniels

I've been curious about Kettlebells for months, and I lunged at the first FIRM Kettlebell workout, called TransFIRM Your Trouble Zones. The 5 lb. kettlebell is too cute, but don't let the cute factor scare you off.

This is a solid intermediate cardio + sculpt workout with cardio sections interspersed with classic kettlebell moves like the Swing and Turkish Get Ups, the hardest ab move I've ever had to modify.

Advanced exercisers and folks who have been using heavier kettlebells the whole time will probably find this workout too easy. For those of us who are using poundage in the single or very low double digits, this is a fun way to try something different.

The DVD offers an express option and a preview of the moves, which I highly, highly recommend watching before trying the workout for the first time.

The set is not my favorite of the new sets. I think I loved the TransFIRMation set the most, and just don't want to see anything different for awhile. The cool gray tones didn't flatter the instructors and exercisers, I felt, but after the first set of KB moves it ceased to matter. The music was standard techno-workout fare, which I think was a smart move because it was non-distracting. The tuba song from Vol. 1 definitely wouldn't have worked with this workout. ;-)

I give the workout a solid A.

Instructor comments: Kelsie is a wonderful lead: tough, thorough and doesn't miss a cue. She's also very, very cut and an inspiration to look at.



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