Video Fitness

Total Body Time Crunch

Rebekah Sturkie

I liked this workout. After tripping all over myself in Burn & Shape (no fault of Emily's), I was relieved to return familiar hamstring curls, tri-stars and lunges. Familiar does not mean boring, however. The compound moves using the Cardio Weights (or your own weights) added interest to lunges and squats, and I liked it.

The music was techno workout, but I loved the set the most. It was white brick with hardwoods, similar to all the TransFIRMation workouts, and I liked that the camera seemed to pan in more, eliminating the weird angles of some of the other TransFIRMation workouts that only made the instructors look super short.

I give it an A.

Instructor comments: This is the first workout I've done that had Rebekah as a lead, and I like her. She gives great cuing and she's not overly scripted.



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