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Firm Total Body Toner

Allie del Rio

I was surprised that there were no reviews for this little gem of a workout! Led by Allie, this 40 minute strength workout has a little bit everything.

Lots of compound work, a smidge of 4 limbed aerobics and good all-around strength work really makes the workout go by fast! There are 2 very short cardio segments at the end of 2 of the sections to get the heart rate pumping for the next section (1st one is power jumps, 2nd one is power lunges…both can be modified, as shown by Emily).

All muscle groups are worked well, with the possible exception of chest…although 2 sets of pushups, lots of standing chest “scoops”, and a supine ab segment “punching” the weights up might be considered sufficient. I ended up throwing in some chest flys near the end.

Good ab work, 2 sets of bridgework and a short stretch completed the workout.

I used 3/5/8 pound dumbbells…think I can go to 4/5/8 next time.

A very enjoyable strength workout that covered all the bases in 40 minutes!

Instructor comments: Allie was fun to work out with and her cueing was impeccable, as usual.

Patti S.


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