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For a while, the Firm distributed this tape for free so that Firm users could better understand the exercised in the Firm videos.

It goes through the various exercises and carefully and thoroughly explains the proper form to have while doing the exercises and shows the muscles you are working with each and where you should be feeling the work. The video also explains how you can modify and alternate resistance tools you can use.

I find that this is the tape in my collection that I lend out the most so i can help other people to make sure they are helping their strength training and not hurting themselves in the process. Of course, I always make sure to get it back!

I am really glad that I managed to acquire this tape in a trade, because I feel that it helped me to improve my weight workouts in not only Firm videos, but my other weighted workouts too.

Instructor comments:

Cori (ziggy2306)

February 25, 2004

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