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Fat Burning Sculpting Ball Workout

Tina Smalley

There is a warmup – first with and then without the ball, one “sculpting” segment, one “cardio”, and then a final “sculpting”. All segments are obviously using low weights so this feels like an AWT video with lots of 4 limb. My heartrate gets considerably higher during the cardio segment, about what it is when I run. There is one move that seems a little fast to me but it can be modified (you raise and lower ball while you plie, I usually end up feeling like I’m swinging it if I go all the way).

There is plenty of impact – skater jumps and plyos. Alison is the low impact modifier and she is generally visible. I think the workout would be fun without the impact but less intense.

The ab section is great IMO. She does some standing ab work (knee repeaters with the ball, etc.) and then some stuff on the floor. Make sure you have a towel – at one point the ball will be between your legs and mine are usually too sweaty to grip it okay.

The total time is about 30 minutes. I had a lot of soreness in my obliques when I first did this. Admittedly I hate to work my abs but – I got a workout there.

Instructor comments: Tina looks very fit. She looks quite attractive but does not seem to be wearing a lot of makeup and does not talk much about weight loss or appearance. She seems to be having a great time and is very motivating.

Coleen (cjo42a)


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