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Jiggle Free Abs (BSS4)

Allie Del Rio

Part of the Transfirmer series, this 25 minute workout is all abs! Allie does a wonderful job leading you through innovative and effective ab work, without leaving you feeling frustrated due to inability to perform some of the moves, or so weak you can't move afterwards.

We start with standing ab work to warm up, then use the Transfirmer in the 14 inch position for plank work with your hands on the Transfirmer. There are plenty of form pointers and stretches in between segments.

We then sit on Transfirmer to do more oblique work and then leg pulls in and out - challenging!

The last segment is on the floor without props for lower and upper ab work, but it's definitely not your same old ... same old boring crunches. Allie mixes up the routine with moves I've never seen anywhere else and the overall effect is you have WORKED, but not hurt yourself. I worked up a nice sweat and I expect some DOMS by tomorrow in my abs!

I give this a solid A! I really loved it for it's innovative work, the short stretches in between, and the fact anyone can actually do the moves.


May 29, 2005

I finally did this workout after owning it for months, and I'm sorry it took me so long to get to it. I really, really liked it.

I'd just finished Jiggle Free Buns, so I was nice and warm, but the warmup did help me finish cooling down from my earlier workout. Since Carol already broke down the moves, let me go on to say this is no mere crunch and roll ab workout; this is serious work. But I wasn't drained or wiped out, just worked out, which is the way it should be.

The only thing I would have liked to have done is some incline work, but the plank work using the TransFIRMer was different and got different areas. This workout worked my upper abs and obliques a lot more than the ab sections of BSS4 and BSS3, and it was a welcome change.

There is also a nice (harder) variation on the "rock n'lift" move from Better Body & Buns I now love to hate and love.

I loved that Allie tells you that some moves are to be worked up to. That keeps you motivated if you have to modify. The music is pleasant, and I've finally adapted to the newer FIRM music to the point I find the Classics music a little over the top.

The time flies by, and even though this is a solid 25 minute workout with no breaks, I'd have no problem adding this on to another workout.

Instructor comments: Allie looks incredible! Her abs are more cut than a chainsaw.



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