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FIRM: Express Cardio (BSS3)

Stephanie Huckabee

I am an intermediate exerciser and fairly new to the Firm workouts. I enjoy the Firm cardio so far (not strength, though) and I liked this workout. It was a nice change of pace to use the incline. I was able to follow along fairly well, but the change from mirror cueing to direct cueing is a little confusing. The choreography isnít terribly difficult, but trying to remember which way they are cueing was a little frustrating. This workout included some aerobics on the flat part of the box with no incline, some floor aerobics (which they call low impact, but that isnít always the case), some four-limbed aerobics and toning on top of the box at its 14Ē point, and some four-limbed aerobics and toning using the box at an incline. I used a club step with risers for the incline, a high step and floor for the high box portions and club step flat for the flat, on box, aerobics. It is a fairly short workout at 30 minutes, but pairs nicely with other Firm 30 minute aerobic workouts for a longer routine.

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Karen (Rhae)


I was surprised to find so few reviews of this one. It was a real favorite on the Firm check-in here. I was puzzled that nobody seemed to like Ultimate Calorie Blaster until I tried this one - it's like UCB but better/shorter.

This one - IMO - is the most fun cardio tape on the Transfirmer. The time just flies. I get a decent workout (though less intense than Advanced Cardio, I find this more intense than say Maximum Cardio Burn).

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Coleen (cjo42a)


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