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FIRM: Burn & Shape

Emily Welsh

I wasn't sure what to expect of this workout after completing the warm up because I was totally lost and missed more than a few steps on what I thought would be an easy workout with no step. Luckily the rest of the workout made up for a rather rocky start. It's a good intermediate short AWT workout labeled as a Cardio + Sculpt.

I wanted to have more fun with the cardio portions, but I can't get with all the sections. The steps weren't intuitive, and I got lost more than once, which I found frustrating. I like to zone out with cardio, and some of the newer FIRMs definitely get you out of your rut, requiring some thinking power.

The good news is that the sculpt sections made up for those earlier missteps. Another bonus: no special equipment other than 3, 5 and 8 pound dumbbells. There are some great compound moves like walking lunges with overhead presses that got my heart rate up there and gave me a break from trying to think about cardio.

The set was nice and bright with hardwoods and white walls, and the music was rather average. Still, I got a great workout in 40 minutes.


Instructor comments: Emily is a fun instructor, but I did get lost a few times because of cuing.



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