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Winter Session (Audio)

Eoin Finn

This is a nice 40-minute practice that is about half standing poses and half floor work. As with Eoin's other free downloads, you begin with sun salutations to warm up, moving through 3 of version A and 2 of B; Eoin seemed to be speeding up a bit on the latter, but these still were not at the lightning-quick pace of tragically hips. Next comes two variations of standing forward bend, both held for a nice long time so that you can really sink into the posture. There are then three standing series: 1) triangle, revolved triangle, both sides, 2) half moon, revolved half moon, one-legged standing splits, both sides, and finally (after another standing forward bend) 3) warrior 2, side angle, revolved prayer twist, both sides.

Eoin uses a vinyasa to transition to seated poses, starting with pigeon forward bend held for a full minute. You then repeat the vinyasa and go into a seated forward bend which is held for well over a minute. Next comes butterfly with a forward bend, wide-legged forward bend, and wide-legged with a twist. The last pose is half spinal twist, and then you move into savasana for about 6 minutes. Eoin talks you through part of this, but there are also long silences with chanting-type music in the background (oddly, the music isn't present for the whole practice; it starts up about halfway through).

I enjoyed the variety of poses in this practice and particularly the longer holds in most of the poses. The practice includes some nice hip openers, so this is a great alternative when you don't have time for the full-hour tragically hips routine.

Instructor comments: Eoin is his usual self here, frequently talking about happiness and how good the practice feels. He cues very well, is very encouraging, and I thought he provided more alignment details than in some of his previous class downloads.

Beth C (aka toaster)

February 9, 2005

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