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First let me say that this is an MP3 file that you can download for FREE at That's right I said free. It is 60 minutes and 38 seconds long. The play list is also posted on the web site. The program focuses on opening the hips.
For a quick change of pace, and for free, this is a great yoga class. My sincere thanks to Eoin for doing his karma yoga by giving us this gift. No and I mean no American yogis ie., Baron Baptiste or Bryan Kest or Johnathan Fields have offered free yoga class downloads; and I'm sure they have made millions off us yogis.
Many blessings to Eoin for his generousity!!

Instructor comments: Very Nice voice. Very polite, but then again he's Canadian and they are very nice people.



Tragically Hips was originally meant to be released as an audio CD, but for whatever reason - you can read it on the site -
Eion has simply released it, asking only that if people enjoy it and might wish to make a contribution of some kind, to "make a donation to a foundation that is working to keep the earth green and healthy."

Well, I just finished it and am trying to think of a good foundation to donate to ;)

Tragically Hips comes in under an hour, and packs a wide variety of standing and sitting poses. The one disadvantage I can see is that it might be difficult for beginners. Since it is audio, there are only verbal cues, and since it's a download there are no pictures to follow (although I understand he has plans to put some on the site). The routine moves swiftly, and the first set of sun salutations B took me by surprise - they go at a cracking pace, as do the vinyasa interspersed within the routine. The cueing for the more common positions seems to be streamlined, focusing less on the well-known elements (like the usual "inhale, look up" during the salutations) and more on the details that tend to be mentioned less often. Those details were useful. There is a tendency (for me, anyway) in familiar poses to become complacent and just hang the way you usually do, and there were a few times the cueing reminded me of something I was letting myself get sloppy with, or less aware of. There were a few times the cueing picked up my "cheats".

Like most power yoga routines, it begins with sun salutations A and B, moves into standing poses, then seated poses. Apart from about two boats inserted into some vinyasa, there is no abdominal work, but I can live with that. :D
If you have done a reasonable variety of power yoga tapes or CDs, (or, heck! Go to classes!) you will likely be familiar with most of the poses, or at least some variation of it. The one exception that comes to mind is a standing pigeon/galavasana prep, which also includes a teaser "and now, if you know it, you can balance on your hands…but if you don't know it, don't worry about it". It really doesn't matter, it's enough to just hang out in the hip opener.

Eion's cueing, as in his tape and other downloads, is spontaneous, lighthearted, hip, and humorous. He seems to let a little more of his philosophy pervade this, opening the routine with a request to bring to mind an altruistic reason for doing the practice, some being that may benefit from the feeling you get from yoga. Sweet cherry nectar shows up again ;) but I'll be damned if I'm ever going to taste anything like nectar in double pigeon :O As in previous routines, there is always the reminder to feel contentment with whatever stage you are at, and the reassurance that whatever version of the pose you are doing is perfect for you. As you enter savasana, there is an invitation to awaken a sense of gratitude, and let that spread outward into your day.

It would be nice if Eion considered this a "beta" version, and perhaps eventually released a commercial version with tracks, pictures, the whole shooting match…I'd probably still buy it! (I kind of doubt it though) As it is, it's a nice selection of poses, and a fun sequence, and I just get a kick out of listening to Eion.

I don't know if I would recommend it to absolute beginners, for reasons mentioned above. Also, some of the transitions are somewhat challenging…going straight from revolved prayer twist to warrior 3 to standing hand-to-foot, for instance, or going from tree to eagle. On the other hand, experienced beginners who already know these poses may enjoy these variations. But it's less the challenges in the poses, which can always be modified, than the lack of visual direction and the fast pace that has the potential to frustrate beginners.

I must warn you… if Eion has ever made you crazy in any previous release…well, he's likely to do it in this one, too. Myself, I enjoyed it, and see myself pulling it out again.

Instructor comments: included in the review. I wrote this ages ago and forgot to submit it, so I'm throwing it in for the record.

Sept 6, 2004

I thought I had reviewed this before, but I can't find it anywhere, so I'm submitting again--sorry if this is a duplicate!

Eoin's Tragically Hips is 55-minute hips-focused yoga practice that can be downloaded for free from his web site. I've heard that it's quite similarly to the "Magically Hips" segment of his PY4H, but I don't have this DVD, so I can't compare.

This download was actually my very first exposure to Eoin, and at first, I thought that he was absolutely NOT for me. He begins the practice with sun salutations which are performed at virtually lightning-fast speed; I'm not crazy about sun sals to begin with, but this was way to strenuous for me. When I gave the practice another try, however, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that after about the first 12 minutes, the pace slows way down, and Eoin actually includes generous, long holds of many of the postures.

Here is the pose list as posted on Eoin's web site (not sure if it is still available there or not):

sun salutations A & B x2
right leg forward: warrior 1, warrior 2, side angle, revolved prayer twist, warrior 3, standing big toe pose, "Suzanne Summers" asana...vinyasa
repeat left leg forward
right leg up: tree pose, standing 1/2 lotus (or stay in tree), eagle pose left leg over right
repeat with left leg up
crow pose...vinyasa
right side: forward bend pigeon, 45 seconds; eka pada (one leg) pigeon, 45 seconds...vinyasa
repeat on left side
butterfly, 1.5 minutes
janu sirasana (head to knee pose), left leg straight 1/2 minute; revolved janu sirasana, left leg straight 1/2 minute...vinyasa
repeat with right leg straight
dead bug, 45 seconds; supine pigeon righ left then left leg on alternate knee...vinyasa
standing pigeon, 1 minute right, 1 minute left (or eka pada galavasana arm balance)...vinyasa
half spinal twist, 1 minute, to gomukasana (cow face pose), right leg over left leg, 1 minute...vinyasa
repeat on other side
double pigeon left leg bent first, crossed legs right over left, 1 minute
switch legs and repeat
corpse pose
seated forward bend, 2 minutes

This is my least favorite of the 3 Eoin downloads I have (this one plus Yoga Quickie and Winter Session), mostly because there's too many vinyasas for my liking. However, as I'm typing this out, I'm liking the posture sequence, so I may have to try this practice again soon! Power yoga lovers are likely to enjoy this practice.

Instructor comments: Eoin is Eoin! ;) He uses some spiritual-type language--eg, having you set an intention at the start of the practice--and encourages you to honor your body, seek joy in your practice, etc. He cues well, making it fairly easy to follow along with audio-only (although it occasionally gets a little tricky--having the posture list helps).

Beth C (aka toaster)

December 12, 2005

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