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Jonathan Fields

There are two options for playing the DVD. You get:

Play or Scene Selection

With Scene Selection you can choose from:

Blaze - Study Flow
Awaken - Standing
Empower - Core/Back
Dissolve - Fwd/hip/ah (?)

There are 5 participants in this class, 4 females and 1 male. You never see Jonathon in this video, he does a voice over. There is music through out the entire workout. I can't remember too much about it right now but I know it was plenty loud enough and I did enjoy it.


The first segment starts out very fast paced. Jonathon tells you that you can add in what he calls 'Yoga Dips" or extra push ups, but there weren't many times I even had enough time to add one in because we were moving so fast. I did find myself a little bit behind when we first started out so I had to pick up the pace.

Sun Salutation Series A - repeated 6 times

Every vinyasa after Series A includes the Chair pose

Sun Salutation Series B - repeated 4 times

Vinyasa into Warrior I, Crescent Lunge - repeat on other side

Vinyasa into Warrior I, Warrior II - repeat on other side

Vinyasa into Crescent Lunge - hands in prayer position - release hands and lean forward with your hands towards the front of the room - finish vinyasa and repeat on other side

Vinyasa into Side Plank - both sides

Vinyasa into Crescent Lunge - both sides

Vinyasa into Warrior I, Warrior II, Reverse Warrior - repeat on other side


Start with a Vinyasa into:
Warrior I
Warrior II
Side Angle Pose
Triangle Pose
Warrior II
Crescent Eagle (legs in Crescent Lunge, arms in eagle pose, slowly release legs into eagle pose, take legs back to crescent eagle, release arms)
Prayer Twist
Warrior III
Standing Split
Reverse Triangle
Standing Forward Bend

Repeat whole sequence on the other side


Start with a Vinyasa into a Seated Position
Boat Pose
Press Up (cross legs, hands on floor and try to lift your body)
Repeat sequence 4 times total

Bridge Pose

Lay on Back - Legs straight up in air - Lower legs 6", place your hands on your thighs, chin to chest and do breath of fire 50 times

Bridge Pose

Leg on Back - Right leg in the air, left leg 3" off the floor, hands to the sides of the body, chin to chest, breath of fire 50 times

Repeat on other side

Bridge Pose or Wheel

Lay on Back - Legs in a wide V position - bring feet together, hands on thighs, chin to chest, breath of fire 50 times

Relax, knees to chest

Grab big toes with two fingers and take legs out in a wide V position for a stretch

Lay on back, legs up in the air, feet flexed and lowered 12", touch palms together and slowly lower hands to the outside of the right knee, bring back to the middle and lower to the outside of left knee, repeat quite a few times.

Relax, knees to chest

Bridge or Wheel


Start out in a seated position, right leg out in front of you, left leg is bent and the foot is touching the right inner thigh, forward fold

Reverse Plank or TableTop position

Repeat forward fold on opposite side

Seated Wide Leg Forward Fold grasping big toes

Wide Leg Reverse Plank

Wide Leg Forward Fold

Double Pigeon - both sides

Corpse Pose

I really enjoyed everything about this workout. Time just flew by.

Instructor comments: I think Jonathon has a great personality. He's definitely a cross between Bryan and Baron.

Dawn Henson


This DVD workout has four parts. The first, Blaze, is *very* fast, and also the longest (16 minutes). It consists of sun salutations and varieties thereof, done *very* fast. Did I mention it is *very* fast?!!? This part really works up a sweat and is pretty tough. I have to admit that about 15 minutes into it, I was getting pretty antsy to move on to something else – fortunately I got my wish almost right away. As challenging as the first section is, you are well rewarded during the next three sections: Awaken (12 minutes) which is slower standing postures; Empower (12 minutes) consisting of abs and back work (but not TOO hard); and Dissolve (18 minutes) which is leg and hip stretches followed by svasana. The last three sections are where you find that the first section really was worthwhile, because you can go very deep into the stretches since your muscles are so warmed up. I love this workout, but Jonathan’s “splits” DVD is my all-time favorite from him so far. Grade A.

Instructor comments:

Annie S.


I just finished my first run-through of Sonic Yoga Turbo Flow with Jonathan Fields, and wow, I think it's fabulous. I did decide after starting the Blaze section that I really should have previewed this DVD (like I should preview all DVDs before attempting them but never do) because it does move so, so fast. I really enjoyed it, though, as soon as I got used to the tempo. Plus it's poses/sequences I was used to (Sun Salutations A & B, for example), so I didn't have to mess up my timing by constantly checking the tv. It definitely had me huffing and puffing, though, I had to pause the DVD after Blaze to run and get some water before continuing. I enjoyed the Awaken section, which is standing poses.

The Empower section was great; it certainly worked my core! I kept thinking I wouldn't get through the breath of fire exercises because my abs were burning like crazy (an area I definitely need to work on!), and the back exercises were a really nice release. I did wheel instead of bridge at the end, which I hadn't attempted in awhile, and it felt sooo good. The Dissolve section at the end was really enjoyable for me, as it had a lot of hip openers that felt great. The shavasana is good too, it runs about 5-6 minutes which is longer than most of my other DVDs, although the music drowns out his voice at one point, but then he just stops talking. I liked the music, though, I hummed along and it kept me focused. I think the focus that this video made me keep is one of the things I like best about it -- initially, I couldn't think about ANYTHING but my practice as we were moving too fast for anything else, and I think that kept me centered through the rest of the DVD.

It runs about 60 minutes total, and while the production qualities are not the greatest, I still think it's a fabulous yoga DVD. The sections are chaptered on the DVD, so it's easy to mix and match and create a workout of a shorter/longer length, which I like, but I think I'll try and do the whole DVD as much as I can, because the feelings afterward, at least for me, are so rewarding. I can't wait to try the other Sonic Yoga that I have, Flowing into Hanumanasana.

Instructor comments:

Audrey L.


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