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Lori Fetrick is -- don't laugh -- an American Gladiator. A teacher she is NOT.

I picked this up at Best Buy for $3.99. I figured if it was really bad, at least I wouldn't be out too much. Well, half of it turned out to be just HORRID. There are two sections: a step workout and upper body strengthening with dumbbells. The step workout is so unbelievably awful, I couldn't even do it one time. The intensity level is about a 0. But the cuing is a minus 10 if there is such a thing. This is the worst step workout I've ever seen in my life -- and I've seen a lot!

The upper body section, however, is surprisingly good. Lori has a workout strategy I haven't seen in other tapes, and I like it. This is what you do: There are 3 sets of each exercise -- 15, 12, and 10 reps. You start with lighter weights for the first set of 15. You move up to medium weights for the next set of 12. Then you use your heaviest weights for the set of 10. On some of the exercises, such as deltoids (EXTREMELY challenging), you just use one set of weights because it's a small muscle group. I found I really liked this workout -- and it works! My arms are getting "harder" doing this.

If you can find this tape for $3.99, get it for the upper body section. Don't even look at the step section, unless you just want to see how bad bad can be. I rate the step part F, and the upper body A.

Annie S.

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