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Gotta Sweat-Step on It

This is definitely a "mixed" review. The video has a quick warm-up of about 3 minutes, 30 minutes of stepping divided up into 10 minute segments, and a 4 minute cool-down. The steps are simple, and based on self-defense moves, so it is a nice change of pace from traditional step moves. However, I would hesitate to recommend to beginners because the cool-down is really inadequate. The last 10 minutes of stepping a pretty intense, and then it just cuts to Michelle LeMay standing in place for a brief cool down. I can feel my heart rate is still really high-I think they should at least march in place and tap the step before starting the ending stretches. So I would say this tape is for intermediates-and maybe walk in place on your own for the last segment before the cool-down.

Susan Daiber

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