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Gotta Sweat: Butt and Thigh Solution

Cory Everson

I think this is a really great tape! It is split up into 10 3-minute segments and they are solid butt and thigh exercises. Cory is very pleasant and informative, but she is there to workout, not be silly or sexy. I liked that, it was a very different Cory from her GHAS tape. I use this tape when I want to throw in some butt and thigh exercises after another workout. Weights aren't used in this tape, but I still felt the workout without them and I am an advanced exerciser. Weights would be very easy to add if you wanted to add them, and I probably will in the future. I don't think I would ever do the video in it's entirety, but it would also be good for that. Michelle does act very sexy in the 3- minute segment Annie mentioned, and it's really obnoxious, but she didn't bother me at all in the rest of the tape so I will probably just never do that 3- minute segment. Grade: B. I was very pleasantly surprised!

Barbara G.

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