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Gotta Sweat-AbSolution

Video Instructor(s) Cory Everson, Michelle LeMay, Cameo Kneuer:

Cory's got a vivacious camera presence and she's great at providing motivation. (See an invaluable motivation manual she's written on her web page, along with great tips on nutrition.) Because her muscles are so well articulated, it's almost like receiving an anatomy lesson when watching her perform exercises. Her television show Gotta Sweat is extremely informative and even though it's performed in a typical ESPN2 bikini type of setting, Cory and her team lean more heavily on their comraderie and their no-nonsense approach to fitness than on provocative poses and vacant remarks. I especially appreciate it that while they emphasize strict form and take their training very seriously, they also have the ability to laugh at themselves and show candor even when the camera is rolling. Michelle LeMay has beautiful dance technique and has lots of fun with her choreography. She is a National Aerobics Champion. Cameo Kneuer is Cory's sister, a winner of the title Ms. National Fitness.

I should add that Cory's strong suit is weight training and she's not the greatest when it comes to teaching aerobics or even cueing during a warm up. Fortunately, she's got Michelle LeMay on her team to assist with those chores.

Review/Comments about the video:

AbSolution consists of several different ab workouts, each one three minutes long. (There are about 10 different workouts - I haven't counted exactly how many.) This is definitely not a video for beginners. There is very little instruction in technique, short of "Squeeze it!" "Focus!" "Feel it!" But for those who are well versed in the proper technique for ab work, this is a great set of exercises, providing lots of variety and targeting the upper abs, lower abs and especially the obliques. (There were exercises for the obliques that I'd never seen before and I could feel their effectiveness from the first.) There are three exercisers featured in each set, usually showing different variations to add more challenge to the routines. (For example, Cory sometimes uses a step inclined to serve as a slant board.) I preferred some segments over others only because they included exercises which were unfamiliar to me and therefore more interesting. There's something here for everyone.

If you like Gotta Sweat, you'll love this tape. Aside from providing a great ab workout, Cory, Michelle and Cameo also provide inspiration, motivation and fun.

Chloe Lev

I got this video off the exchange (thanks, Joni!). I really wasn't expecting much, but I was surprised. I'm an advanced exerciser who's never been happy with my abs. This tape made me pleasantly sore. It's about 10 segments of 3 minutes each of traditional ab work. I did the tape in it's entirety once and, man, was I sore! It's the perfect tape to use as an add-on, like you would Firm 5-Day Abs, and it's even better because you can do as many 3 minute sections as you have time (or energy) for. There are a few interesting exercises, but for the most part, this is strictly traditional (ie-not Pilates or stablization) ab work. There are not many form pointers, so I would not recommend this to a beginner. I'd classify it as intermediate. I liked the music (which I REALLY didn't expect!), it's motivating, and not the same old CIA/Cathe Dynamix remix. All in all, it's a good, solid ab routine.

Instructor comments: I really like Cory. She has a lot of motivation and tips. Her sister Cameo and Michelle count the reps (thank goodness, because Cory cannot keep in time with music!). Those 3 really crack me up with their comments (ok, I have a corny sense of humor, I acutally like the "shoulders are sexxxxy" from GHAS).


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