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Commit To Be Fit (Audiocassettes)

Cory Everson

This is a set of audiocassettes; not a video. It's about 3 hours of just Cory talking to you about things like motivation to start an exercise/fitness program and ways to maintain it once you've started.

She talks about some hard times she's had with her own program. A big shocker to me was that some years ago, she had a very serious blood clot and her doctors told her she would never be able to compete in bodybuilding again. Well, she then went on to win the Ms. Olympia championship *six* times! It wasn't easy, and she goes into more detail than what I will here, but she nevertheless did it. Talk about commitment and motivation!

Throughout the tape, Cory's message always boils down to taking control of your life. She gives tons of examples from her own life and people she knows.

In addition to being a fitness queen, Cory is also an artist. She talks about her painting (another example of how she had to overcome some obstacles) and her songwriting. Now this might sound a little dorky, but I found it rather endearing -- she actually wrote a couple of fitness-related/motivational songs (country music style), and they are on the cassettes! (She doesn't sing them, though.) They probably won't win any major awards, but they're pretty catchy tunes!

All in all, my impressions of the tapes are very good. I was really looking more for actual exercise advice (her own program) and nutrition advice, but she doesn't go into that. However, I still really enjoyed listening, and "getting to know Cory" more. She seems like a very sweet person.

Instructor comments: I liked Cory before, but after listening to these tapes a few times, I like her even better now. More of her personality comes out, and she becomes a "real" person -- not just a fitness guru.

Annie S.

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