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Circuit Sculpt

This video has various types of excercises for all the different circuits. Its aerobics and then toning for a fun intermediate workout. Cory teaches the step circuit and Michelle does toning for your chest ( mostly resistance work by pressing your hands together and then doing crisscrosses). Then Cameo does jumprope for the next circuit and Cory does toning for your lats, delts and back. They are just having plain fun as they jump rope. Cory doesn't use a rope but pretends to for those who don't own a rope. Then the next circuit is boxing tought by some guy as Cory does toning for the shoulders and delts. I had to jump on my mini trampoline on this part to keep my heartrate up. Then it's back to Cory as she does higher impact aerobics( jogging in place with arm movement and then some skiing moves) and then her sister Cameo does lunges , dips and squats with biceps and tricep work. Then Michelle LaMay cools you down.

The set is a colorful jail because Cory says they ate too much fat so they are in jail. Also during the excercising there is always some excerciser walking around in the background which is kinda funny. One guy is dressed like a policeman with his 6 pack abs showing and he's eating a banana as he watches Cory. Pretty corny.

I like the music ,it's jazzy and fun. At the end of the video, there is a whole bunch of candid video clips that are sorta corny but funny. One is of a guy biting Cory's butt as she is showing an exercise. Another of an old man gushing over Cory. Entertaining but gets old after watching it a few times.

Cory does pretty good at teaching in this video. She leads the stepping which is very basic and some of the toning she shares the lead with Michelle LeMay and Cameo (Cory's sister). They are all laughing and kinda being corny as they exercise. This video is for people who already know how to weightlift for there is no form pointers during the weights and also during the squats, lunges and dips.

Mandy Lee

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