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Comments about Cory Everson

I feel Cory is somewhat motivating, but she is primarily a bodybuilder, not a fitness instructor. Her style is not as "rehearsed" as others, but her cueing needs to be better, with more tips for beginners.

Susan Daiber

Cory Everson is a 6 time Ms. Olympia, and leads a whole series of different fitness tapes under the BodyVision label. Most of her tapes are priced at $10 or less.

Michele H.

Cory gives you guality and professional instruction which you would expect from a 6 time Ms.Olympia, but at times she can be a little annoying when she is admiring her own body.

Doreen Bochmann

I have to give Cory credit for being a champion of the "muscles are sexy" concept, but I'm afraid I'm not crazy about her teaching style. I do like reading her motivational writings--she's obviously very intelligent and accomplished. I guess I prefer reading what she has to say rather than hearing her say it.

Wendy Niemi Kremer In her book, 'Fat Free & Fit,' Cory discusses the fact that many weight-lifters can lift alot of pounds but are basically NOT FIT aerobically. In contrast, Cory participates in many forms of sports and exercise, thereby demonstrating that she is not just a muscle-bound cutie. She is very qualified as a fitness instructor. But her emphasis is on building muscle, which does help burn calories faster. She is knowledgeable about the safe way to exercise without hurting yourself, and she knows what produces results. She possesses an upbeat, sweet personality, and I love her style. Her website has weight-training routines for different styles and levels of fitness that you can download for working out at home.

Diane Ingino

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