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Butt & Thigh Solution

This is a surprisingly decent leg/buns workout, although at an intermediate level. There are 10 3-minute segments, each with different exercises. You can do the whole tape at once, or break it up. The exercises are good -- squats, lunges, and floorwork including hamstrings and outer thighs. The only neglected part is inner thighs.

My only complaint about the workout is that I think that should have done the standing back-to-back and the floor back-to-back. I used ankle weights for the floorwork (they don't), so I had to put them on, take them off, etc. Although that's my only complaint about the workout, I have a serious problem with one of the instructors, Michelle LeMay. She is constantly ooohing and aaahing in a sexy (trying to be sexy) manner, and it practically makes me puke. As if that's not enough, when it's time to do the "bridgework" as Firmies would say, she calls these sexercises. Why? Because they're good for firming up your bottom and "they're good practice for other things," giggle, giggle. I'm almost vomiting just thinking about it. I'd probably keep this tape if it wasn't for Michelle, but I cannot stand her at all, so I'm putting it on the exchange.

Instructor comments: Cory is pretty good here. Michelle is completely intolerable and nauseating. She thinks she's a sex queen or something.

Annie S.

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