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ESPN Fitness Pros Body Sculpting

Nancy Popp, Tracy York, Donna Richardson, Joel Greco

I am a low intermediate exerciser. I purchased this video on a whim simply because I recognized all the instructors as ones that have been recommended on various threads on VF.

Video sequence:

Warm up: 9 minutes (Nancy and Donna)
Lower Body: ~8 minutes (Nancy)
Upper Body: 17 minutes (Nancy begins and then Joel takes over)
Abs/Inner Thighs: 7 minutes (Donna)
Cool down: 5 minutes (Tracy)

46 minutes total.

I find this video to be a beginner work out. Thru out we are reminded that if we get to tired to stop and start again. There a few percieved exertion checks.

Even though this is an older video it does not really look dated. They are all wearing tasteful clothing. The set is colorful. The music is fine.

Overall, If I were still a beginner I would use this work out. There is just enough there to challenge a beginner but not to much to overwhelm.

Instructor comments: The instructors are very good. They teach each move, give pointers on form thru out the video. The moves are slow and purposeful. On each exercise they say what muscle is worked, what we should feel like etc. Also on each exercise they give options of different levels of resistance. For example on the arm work, they use resistance bands except Donna, she demonstrates the no resistance option. Then on the ab work and push up section one instructs thru out and the other 3 are demonstrating different modifications.

For those just starting out this is a good tape to use and also view the style of 4 different well known instructors. I found the latter to be very valuable.



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