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Bun Busters Total Body Workout

Liza Elliot

I pulled out this video because I was having a SLUG day and felt like I needed to do something. I was surprised by the quality of production -it had a light airy feel about it and in a way it was almost soothing.

Liza started off with a warmup then moved into upper body without weights. I used my 3 lb. heavyhands. Liza did a couple of upper body combos. The upper body consisted only of about 10 min. Liza then moved into squats and

inner thigh squats with sweeps. Again this was only about 10 min. Then there's floorwork with leg lifts. Now these were really pretty effective! Especially those hip pushouts! If only there were more reps! Abs complete the routine with some unusual moves that hit my lower abs nicely.Workout Length: 30 min.

What I liked about this workout! The instructor was super nice and seemed to really like being there. I enjoyed the upper body moves and the way the tape seemed to be over before you knew it.

What I didn't like about the workout! There were too few reps to really get a benefit. The tape was too short.

I wish that Liza would do longer, more challenging workouts. She "has" it! The workout was what I needed today because I didn't feel like jumping up and down! It was a 30 min. that I felt was worth it. I felt like a snail when I picked it up, but when I finished, I was able to do the toning portion of Legs of Steel 2000 with Leisa Hart! Hey, I'm usually reaching for The Firm, Cathe or Gilad, but I just didn't feel like it today. But on the bright side, I did do something!

Instructor comments: I found Liza to be very friendly, calm and knowledgable about form. she kept giving form pointers on each exercise.

Lesia English

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