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Disco Workout

Disco Workout

Music: Disco, mainly instrumental (Disco Inferno with words at start & finish, I Will Survive for buns & ab workout)
Length: 43 minutes. 5-minute motion warmup, 23 minute dance, 15 minute aerobic floor exercises (buns & abs) and "stretch"
Energy Level: very high
Choreography: complex
Production: MTV-like

Ok, so I like disco and the cover said "with the original artists" but only three songs were sung; the rest of the music was instrumental. It also says "easy-to-follow, low-impact aerobic exercise moves" - only for dancers. Many of the steps are complex. Brenda's cueing is pretty good but the camera is run by MTV folk and seems to be everywhere except on full-body shots which would help you learn the arm and leg movements. There are no visual or other cues to the start of a new song, so it's hard to fast forward and stop to learn the steps. Moreover, although there does appear to be some progression and pattern to the moves, they are not obvious. She seems to be constantly changing steps and combining them in different ways. You can modify the intensity level somewhat, but this tape is for those days when you're full of vim and vigor.

The floor exercises (for buns & abs) are also aerobic (done to tempo to I Will Survive) and even worse. There's a constant change of position and no pattern to the changes that I could discern and one set of ab twists could destroy your neck if you try to do them and watch her at the same time. The final "stretch" is really more like a motion cooldown (on the floor and then standing) with nothing held long enough to be really useful. At the end, you run through a bit of the starting motion warmup. One pulse check.

If you like disco and pick up steps quickly, you will probably like this tape.

Diane Danielle

I completely agree with everything in Diane's review of this video. I love disco music and was looking forward to working out to it. It started out okay, but then Brenda started changing the combinations in a seemingly random manner and it was impossible to follow. The video is very energetic and dancy -- too dancy for me I guess. And if I would have heard "Burn Baby Burn" one more time I would have puked! I didn't make it to the floor work, so I can't comment on that. It's really a shame. I wish there was a good disco workout available, but in my opinion this isn't it.

Joni O

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