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Pilates Weight Loss Workout for Dummies

Tracey Thompson

This video is very similar to Crunch Fat Burning Pilates. In fact, I believe the instructor is the one who demonstrated the beginner version in that video. The main differences are: no live drummer; only one person in the video and she is decently dressed. (Please don't get me started as to how trashy they dressed in the Crunch video!)
There is a 20-minute standing portion which is intended to be a gentle cardio, more like gentle plies side to side etc. Not particularly challenging, more to get the blood flowing.
It is followed by a 15-minute floor section with mermaid, a very modified teaser (I could actually do this one!), rolling-like-a-ball and some others, all very modified, therefore doable, pilates moves.
I think this would be an okay video for someone who is very, very new to Pilates. If you are familiar with it (even as little as I am), it won't present much of a challenge. This also might be a good one for a "slug-day" when you don't want to be too challenged.
I have some other "For Dummies" workouts and while the workout is okay, the production quality is not up to "For Dummies" standards, mainly because of the instructor's apparent inexperience and a slightly lower production quality. There are a couple of times when it is clear that the instructor is holding a pose at the ending of a segment waiting for a cutaway to the next segment and she's left sitting there for a while.
Also, I thought the "For Dummies" series was meant to be mainly basic instructions in a subject. This really was just an exercise tape. I don't feel like I learned much, if anything about Pilates at all.
To summarize: this is an okay video for a slug day but don't pay top-dollar for it. I paid $6.94 at Wal-mart and am thankful I didn't spring for the DVD.

Instructor comments: I believe she is the one who demonstrated the easier modifications in Crunch Fat Burning Pilates. She has a very muscular build, as if she concentrates on weight training, not the typical lithe dancer-type Pilates build. She teaches very clearly but I have to believe this is her first time leading a video: I was surprised to read on the box she has been in the "fitness industry" for 18 years. Her delivery is the sing-songy speech of a teenager. (Especially noticeable when contrasted with the voiceover giving the usually "For Dummies" tips. Because of that, her one verbal bad-habit stuck out like a sore thumb: She kept saying "raise that body off the floor" or "move those legs", using the word "that" or "those" in just about every sentence, to the point I wanted to go back and count them. If it was this noticeable on the first viewing, it'll probably drive me nuts the more I watch it. Overall, she was pleasant, but not up to other more experienced video instructors.

Laura B

February 1, 2005

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