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Fat-Burning Kickboxing Workout for Dummies

Keli Roberts

This is a 39 minute Kickboxing workout with three levels of progression. The moves range from basic to challenge moves. If you are familiar with kickboxing you could do the workout using advanced moves and not slow down when she is instructing how to do a new move. The workout is paced well so that you could use weighted gloves to up the intensity.

This is my only Dummies workout so I can't compare the set or music to any others in the series.

The set is bright, airy, and roomy. Keli instructs by herself. The music is by Daveed who has done music for Mari's Pilates Ball Workout and Crunch Super Slimdown w/Ellen. To give you an idea. It is appropriate and motivating and loud enough to hear.

The DVD is chaptered as follows:

Chapter Selections
The top ten turtorial 15 minutes

Under Chapter Selections:

1. Start program/introduction
2. Warm up
3. Fat Burning #1
4. Fat Burning #2
5. Fat Burning #3
6. Fat Burning Blast
7. The Cooldown
8. Credits

The warm up includes several punches forward and side to side. Towards the end some leg and back stretches. It flows well.

Fat Burning #1 includes serveral punches,jabs, kicks and ring moves. The moves are easier in this first section.

Fat Burning #2 focuses on legs and butt with kicks. Lots of side kicks, front and back kicks and roundhouse kicks. The workout is more intense in this section.

Fat Burning #3 and Blast includes punches, jabs, kicks and ring moves. Boxing shuffle moves, bob and weaves some double time footwork with punches. This is most advanced section. Again if you are doing all the sections in basic mode than this section will not feel intense.

This is a lighter kickboxing workout. A very versatile workout because you could do everything in basic mode or you could up the intensity by doing challenge mode. However if this workout is done applying the challenge moves and not using the basic moves throughout you will get a nice workout. Also if you use weighted gloves you will also up the intensity. The pace is great for adding the weighted gloves.


This is a nice change of pace from the super high intensity Cathe or Tracy kickboxing workouts. This workout can be easy or more intense you decide what kind of workout you want. It is easy to follow and Keli makes it enjoyable. The time goes by fast and no dread factor.

Also if you are a person who dislikes pop ups on the side of the screen this workout is not for you. There are several pop ups throughout the workout. These give tips, help beginners with the kickboxing jargon and tell you how to intensify the workout. I did not find it distracting or an interferance with the flow of the workout.

Instructor comments: Keli is a great instructor with good form. She is very motivating, cues well. Keli looks as if she is right there working hard with you throughout the workout.


October 4, 2006

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