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Your Best Body - Sculpt and Groove

Kacy Duke

I selected this video because I was looking form something less high impact than Sweat Express, yet would keep me motivated on days I really didn't feel like working out (and I was getting tired of Donna-Mite). I was not disappointed. Kacy Duke gives a refreshing insight into floor aerobics. The warm up is wonderful - set to classical music - ballet inspired. There are six sections (approximately 5-7 minutes each) - three aerobics sections, three sculping sections (weights are optional).

The aerobics sections are not high impact, but what she refers to as an "organic groove"- very free flowing. She uses some basic African dance steps - a form of dance I've always wanted to learn.

The sculping focuses on upper and lower body- the moves include squats, triceps and biceps.

Kacy uses a chair for the cool-down. Although I at first thought that I wouldn't get a good stretch from this, I found it as equally invigorating as the warm-up.

Those of you who enjoy high-impact might find this tape not very challenging, but as an intermediate/advanced exerciser, I loved it.

Instructor comments: I love Kacy Duke! She is absolutely wonderful in this video - VERY soothing, encouraging and supporting. She gives excellent pointers on form - aerobics and the sculping sections. I hope she will make another tape, preferably high-impact.

Nancy Webb

This is a really unique circuit video. It has 3 aerobic segmants and 3 toning segmants. The aerobics are really dancy and some of the moves are higher impact. She uses her arms and hands a lot like Hula dancing or tribal dancing. It is a lot of fun but really for the beginner excerciser. Her toning work uses 3 lbs and she does overhead presses and excercises for your back. She uses the lower body such as squats and lunges to keep your heart rate up.

Excellent upbeat new age type of music.

The set is beautifully lit with a sunny city skyline in the background. A large white draped curtain makes it look ver classy. There are also neat paintings on the ground and wall and a table with 8 different size candles on it . Really neat!

This workout is for the beginner. It is a great video and very well made.

Instructor comments: Kacy Duke has an iffectuous smile and a body that wants to make you get up and move with her. I love her incredibly toned body. She looks like a statue. She has really long braided hair that flows as she teaches on the video. She does a good job on teaching in this video. She sometimes gets off beat to the music. Her personality of a caring and sweet natured person really shines in this video. You feel like she really cares about you and also loves to exercise.

Mandy Lee

This tape is just so enjoyable from beginning to end. It kept me moving, and I worked up a good sweat while smiling and laughing the whole time! There are 3 aerobic sections alternating with 3 toning sections and a cooldown with nice, slow stretches. Even in my tiny workout area, I could do the aerobic dance portions with no problem. It would be better if I had more room to move forward and back but it was still great. The dance sections are not as dance-y as I would imagine aerobic dance to be. Does that makes sense? Her movements and steps are more like tribal dance in one section, and just nice and funky everywhere else. The set is pretty, her voice is smooth. I would call it an intermediate/beginner tape, I guess. If you're into torturing yourself with a rigorous workout, this won't do it for you. But it's a definite good time, and is only about a half-hour, which makes it a good early-morning-before-getting-ready-for-work tape. It got me feeling upbeat and positive about new possibilities for getting into shape. The first time I worked out to this tape, my hubby was in the next room and he even getting into the music, which is GREAT!!! The uplifting beat stays with you. For a few days afterward, I still heard her voice in my head,"Double-step left, Double-step right, now rock it out, rock it out!" I sure hope Kacy makes more tapes like this, and I also hope there will be more in the Best Body series. The production is very high-quality.

Instructor comments: Kacy Duke reviews exercise videos for FIT Magazine, so I was familiar with her from that column. What I found out from this video is that Kacy loves to move! She is graceful and athletic at the same time, with a lean and toned body. The photo on the video cover doesn't do her justice - she is absolutely beautiful. I really enjoyed her style of teaching. She is so full of life and encouragement, it didn't matter that my arms weren't getting it exactly right when she says, "Grab the wind." I have never ever felt as if I would want to hire a personal trainer, but I would if I could hire Kacy. I love how she ends the tape by saying "Let exercise be a celebration of movement." It's so nice to hear that. I don't feel like "getting rid of" pounds or correcting a body part you hate is even remotely close to the mindset she had while making this tape. It's more about discovering your own natural grace and rythm and enjoying feeling your body move, while getting a good cardio workout.

Diane Ingino

This workout never quite came together for me, but I didn't really dislike it. I really liked Kacy. She's very encouraging, and there's a softness in her demeanor that seemed very kind and approachable. I liked her aerobics. She calls it an "organic groove." I liked that phrase and thought it fit. It really did feel natural, yet graceful and powerful at the same time. What I didn't care for were her toning segments. I just didn't feel that some of the moves were particularly effective and at times I felt like the form was wrong. Since this video is one a three part series, one for abs and back, and one for total body toning, I think this video should have been all aerobics. It would have balanced the series better, and I really thought aerobics were Kacy's strength. This video is geared towards high beginners to intermediates who want an interval style workout, and like somewhat dancey aerobics. The production is good and it is very easy to watch. Kacy leads quite well, and I really liked her. However, I think would have been a more enjoyable workout if it had been solid aerobics.

Instructor comments: Kacy is very friendly and down to earth. She moves with grace and strength, and is very encouraging.


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