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Ultimate Fat-Burning System

Kacy Duke

I bought this tape at Borders for $10 and wasn't sure what to expect since there are no reviews on it. It is an interval training tape running approximately 45 minutes. I use it when I am pressed for time and want a quick workout.

Of course, the big selling point of this video is the model Lucky Vanous (of Diet Coke fame). It is refreshing to see handsome men in a fitness video, but outside of his short introduction about his life and career, this is really a very good tape. It is not super challenging-- the aerobic sections (3 in all) are mostly marches (with heavy hands, it can be a good workout). I especially like the fact that it is easy to follow (no complicated steps at all). The strength training (3 in all) requires weights in which your legs are still moving (I use 5 lb weights). It can be challenging if you really work at it. The abs section is brief but shows some unusual moves (and Lucky takes off his shirt).

This tape is a keeper for me because it gives me a very good workout in a short amount of time. It was a pleasant surprise.

Instructor comments: Kacy Duke is reasonably motivating and a good instructor.

Sarah K

I bought this video at Walmart for $4. I wouldn't buy a video with a celebrity on the cover unless it was dirt cheap. This is an excellent video though and it is worth more than $4. The video is divided into cardio segments and weight segments. There are three cardio segments, three weight segments, one abdominal segment and it ends with a stretch. The workout is really fun to do because I don't have to think about the choreography and I can just concentrate on getting the most out of my moves. It's an excellent beginner workout. I'm not a fan of Lucky, I thought he looked gross in those Diet Coke commercials, but I really liked him in his video. He came across as a really nice guy and he sounded sincere and encouraging. Kacy leads the workout and she interacted well with Lucky.

Instructor comments: Kacy is a pretty cool instructor. She offers a lot of encouragement and suggestions to exercisers that may not be in shape to do all the cardio in the video.

Vanessa Ramcharan

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