Video Fitness

Fat to Firm Fast

Michelle Dozois

44 Minutes - Three levels - Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced


1. Intro
2. Warm-Up - includes Squats, side leg lifts, step touches, torso rotations, marches, forward lunges, plies', and side lunges.
3. Circuit 1 - Forward lunges with torso rotations, forward torso curls with foward arm raises, squats with rotation, mini cardio segment of step touches, seated abs - moving boat, plank with rotation, child pose.
4. Circuit 2 - Squat with front arm raise, back rows, mini cardio segment is knee lifts (adv. is scissors), side lunge with bicep curls, floor tricep pushups into a downdog, back extensions, cat stretch.
5. Circuit 3 - Single leg squat touchdown, bicep curl and overhead press in a plie' position, mini cardio segement is a chasse side to side, lateral raises, curtsey squats, elbow planks with knee curls to the floor, childs pose.
6. Circuit 4 - toe taps forward, side lunges, reverse lunge with a hold, chests flies on the floor, pullovers, tricep extensions on the floor, twist curl ups, reverse curls.
7. Cool down - knees to chest, full body stretch lying on back, cobra, down dog with alternating heels, pigeon stretch, modified side plank stretch, kneeling hip flexor stretch, hamstring stretch, chest, bicep, shoulder, tricep stretch, and back stretch.

Instructor comments: I really like this circuit workout. It is chaptered. Michelle cues well and it transitions well. This is a keeper!


I just bought this and tried it today. I really liked it as well.

1. There is a one background exerciser with a body type that is not normally shown in videos; that is, she isn't tiny and ripped.
2. I generally hate functional fitness stuff but really enjoyed this one. Doing squats while picking up a dumbbell from the floor, then coming up to a front raise is similar to something I do at work constantly - pick up very full 4" binders from the floor and then putting them on a shelf someplace.
3. Loved the tricep work where you do a plank on your knees with a tricep pushup, then come back into a down dog.
4. I liked the twisting variations a lot.

I really liked the different level choices. It is a video that you can adjust to your strength and energy level each day.
This one's a keeper.

Instructor comments:

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