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Suzanne Deason

This is a little tape that Living Arts put out a while back to explain how to use yoga props to enhance your yoga workout. It is pretty cheap to pick up and, if you are not that flexible yet but want to do yoga, this is a really good tape to pick up. It explains really well how to use yoga props like a mat, strap and block to enhance your yoga practice and improve your form.

Now - this might seem like a tape that you would use once and then get rid of because you will have learned it all, but I find I keep it around for the 10 minute, prop-assisted workout at the end of the lesson. This is led by Suzanne Deason and is a really nice little workout to get you used to working with the props and becoming more comfortable at incorporating the props into other yoga workouts.

If you have been wanting to get the benefits of yoga, even if you feel you can't do it yet, this tape will help you learn how to listen to your body and know when to use a prop. I have been doing Yoga for two years and I know that it is because of this video that my yoga practice got better because I now know that I wasn't getting the benefits I could by straining ahead of my abilities.

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Cori (ziggy2306)

February 25, 2004

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