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Two Step Challenge

This is definitely not a beginner's step video. No two-step class or video could be. However, it is designed for the intermediate to advanced steppers who would like to add an additional challenge to their normal workout. At first, you might feel a little awkward trying to get the "feel" of two steps, but once you've got it in your "muscle memory", the workout can be more intense just by it's nature than a single-step class.

Two Step Challenge is an hour long tape that begins with an 8 minute warmup, has a 35 minute double-step segment which includes interesting but not dancey choreography, an aerobic cooldown, a lower body sculpting section including abs, and a final cooldown. You are constantly on the move, and the time passes quickly. The step segment does incorporate power moves, but just as in single-step, you can keep the impact low by not adding the hops. Suzanne clearly emphasizes and demonstrates this point.

Suzanne Cummings cues beautifully. Her transitions are smooth and easy to follow, and she builds the routine in sections. Her cast includes one person doing the routine on two steps, and another doing the same routine on a single step. Suzanne has a very pleasant personality, but falls into the same common pitfall of many other video instructors. She says "good job" too many times for my taste. I have always wondered how any video instructor knows how good a job a home exerciser is really doing. :)

The muscle work, which includes using hand weights, consists of squats, standing abduction work, and abdominals. It is a fairly intense segment lasting about 6 minutes. There is no upper body work per se, but she includes lifting arms one at a time while doing the hip abduction. This does work the shoulders somewhat.

I would recommend this tape to anyone who would like to get into double-stepping. You do need to have two steps of the same length, or it can become difficult to execute the moves properly.

Bobbie Rivere

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