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Creative Stepps II

I LOVE this tape! The moves are very interesting with the option of adding more propulsion if you so desire. The music on this tape is very motivating. The step section lasts for about 42 minutes, so you'll get a sufficient cardio workout. I've had this tape for about a year and a half, and the last section (a "flurry of intensity" as Tim calls it) still tires me every single time. The first section is very basic; the next section is more choreographed and a lot of fun; the third section is very intense and ends with a series of lunges that will tire you every time. I defintely recommend this tape for someone who has been used to stepping and who is intermediate to advanced. Grade: A

Kathy Lapinski

I really enjoyed doing this tape again. I had it on the back burner since starting my Cathe tapes, but this is a really great intermediate-advanced tape. It is nice and long, 43 minutes of straight stepping (not including warm-up and cool down). Tim is very likeable. Gay Gasper is on this tape as well as Creative Steps III. There is an excellent ab section. Although it is only five minutes, you can rewind and make an excellent 10 minute ab workout. There are three segments of stepping and the last segment is extremely challenging even for the most advanced stepper, with lots of lunges and squats. Great tape.

MaryAnn Parker

This is a full 45 minutes of cardio, plus a warmup, cooldown, abs, and stretch, for a total of an hour and 7 minutes. One thing about Tim is he always picks great music -- the kind that makes you wanna dance.

There are 3 step sections, and they progress in intensity. The first section could be considered beginner or maybe lower-intermediate in intensity. The next two get higher, with the last being advanced intensity. It occurred to me this morning as I was doing this that a beginner could use it and just increase the length as he/she got more fit. But then I changed my mind on that, because a beginner would have problems with the steps. The steps are intermediate level, and he doesn't explain how to do them.

He does explain the *patterns* however, with a "cheat sheet" at the end of the tape. (In Volume 3, he puts the cheat sheet at the beginning, which I think is a better place for it.)

Even though there is no fancy choreography, the music makes you MOVE. I find myself really getting into it, adding hops and "attitude" and even a whoop here and there. If you're like me, you'll find yourself chanting along with the cast, "Zig," "And Zag," and "Pump, pump,pump it UP!"

Gay Gasper is one of the class participants. She's looking pretty darn good. In fact,according to Tim, they're all looking pretty good, and I am, too! He keeps making comments throughout the workout like, "Looking good, Camille!" And he even told me I was looking good several times. (Gee, thanks, Tim!) I could live without that, but it doesn't *bother* me.

Tim always puts one section in that is or is approaching killer status. This one only approaches it. (CS #3 has a section that might make you pass out.) There are a series of lunges and squats in the third segment that will get your heart rate way up there (and it's fun, too).

If you like good music, long cardio with not-too-fancy footwork, and charming instructors, this one's for you. My grade is A.

Annie S.

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