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Crunch: Fat Burning Dance Party

Jennifer Galardi

This is a 45 minute aerobic workout consisting of a warm-up and three different dance-style workouts. The first segment is a latin style workout, and it is lots of fun and easy to learn. The second segment is hip-hop/funk and was also a lot of fun and fairly easy to learn. The third segment is retro (disco). This one was harder for me to learn, so I just did my own thing to some of the steps and still got a good workout. I think I will pick up a little more of the routine each time I do it. The set was typical Crunch, with varied background exercisers in colorful outfits. There was a little whooping but it seemed to go well with the party atmosphere of this tape and did not bother me at all. I wore my HR monitor and stayed in my zone throughout the workout. Overall, I would recommend this video.

Instructor comments: Jennifer has a nice voice. I didn't have any problem with her cueing.

Terri P

September 22, 2004

I'm having a great time with this workout. I was really pleasantly surprised. It's taking me a bit of time to master some of the moves, partly because the cueing isn't detailed and partly because I'm not quick to learn choreography. The set is bright and the music is better than your average bland workout music (although nothing outstanding). I worked up a bit of a sweat and was mildly sore the next day. There are three types of dance routines on this DVD, Salsa, Funk and "Retro." It's heavy on the funk. A big plus for me is that this is a dancey video that can be performed in a smaller space--quite a find for someone like me who works out in a small room and likes to dance a bit without too much choreo to learn.

About me: I'm an intermediate exerciser who enjoys kickbox and basic to moderate hi/lo choreography.

Instructor comments:



I found this video at Dollar Tree!! yes, only $1. I saw it and didn't buy it because I have never had luck with Crunch's videos. Then I went home and looked up reviews for it on the internet and they were good so I went back and bought it but changed my mind again! Finally I sent my boyfriend out for him to buy it and I am so glad I did! This is a fun workout. You really don't even know you are working out because of the great dance moves. I had so much fun doing this video I went back and bought another one. LOL. This had me so hot and sweaty after just a few minutes into it. I am an intermediate exerciser. I work out no less than 6 days a week for no less than half an hour. The moves are fun and the arms may be confusing but you know what? I use my own arm movements. As long as my feet are going, I can do different arms. lol. I am just glad that I have a workout that keeps my interest while not being boring and has actually motivated me to exercise more and as a result I am feeling so good about myself. I love everything about this video. The first part is really heart pumping. After each part I went to my boyfriend who is a paramedic and had him take my heart rate. He was freaking out because it was so fast. He thought I was having a heart attack. lol. You might have a challenge with the Retro dance but if you do your own arm routine you will be fine. I give this take two thumbs up all the way and five stars. If Crunch makes more videos like this, I will be willing to pay full price, though I do like the Dollar Tree price. LOL

Instructor comments: Jennifer has a wonderful body and she really seems to be into making this a fun video and a great workout. I would kill for her abs though!


October 15, 2006

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