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Crunch 10 minute abs

Janet Saffel

Quick ab workout. Breakdown - very short warm up, Sets of crunches using a towel around your feet. You pull up, hold, open your arms to the sides, cross them over your chest and then back down. She says the towel is to help you get a little higher up, so that you have more of a contraction when you hold. There are some "leg lifts" using the towel as resistance. Then some oblique and crunches without the towel.

I'm not an ab queen so I was surprised that I didn't feel this tape too much the first time I did it. I have since done it without the towel and feel it much more. This is an ok workout to mix in with your ab work, but I think that the Firm 5 day abs is more difficult. And then, you could just leave Cathe's MIS queued up to the ab work and really get a killer 10 minute ab workout. Just so-so. Came with a T-Shirt and Master Class Sculpt for $17 at BlockBuster Music.

Instructor comments: Good instructor, good cueing. Doesn't show much personality in this video as she does in 10 minute buns, but pretty good.


This is a 8 minute workout with 1 minute warmup and 1 minute cool down. This is a great ab workout that you can add onto another workout that doesn't have ab work or if you just need a quick ab workout. Janis uses a towel for added resistance on the lower ab work. This really helped me understand the muscle that I was working. You put the towel in the balls of your feet and push the towel with your feet as you pull the towel with your hands. Very clever! I felt the burn. Then you use the towel behind your neck to take the pressure off while you do crunches and oblique work. Janis also adds some punching with the oblique work which was unique. She adds a little bit of Kickboxing in her choreography wherever she goes:o) Janis is very friendly and encouraging throughout the video. It is the same cast as her Crunch 10 minute Buns. All the women are in great shape. There is no hooting and whooping like the original Crunch tapes which is nice. I like this tape because before you know it, you're done and you've got your abs out of the way. It's short and sweet. The set is nice and bright with lots of colors and hardwood floor. The music is upbeat but with no vocals.

Instructor comments: Janis cues well and has great abs to motivate you. Her ab choreography is truly unique from any other video I've seen. I love how she uses a towel during the workout to support the neck as well as add resistance to the lower abs. She wears much more makeup then her CIA video's which makes her look even more glamorous but she still is as gorgeous as ever.

Mandy Lee

I really didn't expect much from this video--I got it free (plus shipping), and I'm not a big Crunch fan. I was pleasantly surprised! This tape has some variations that I hadn't seen before (i.e., using a towel for resistance when doing isolations and reverse crunches, and resting your head on a towel or mat and holding on to the towel to lift your head--really isolates the abs). You'll get variations on standard crunches, reverse crunches, oblique twists, and a quick stretch. Those of you who don't like the whooping or corniness in other Crunch videos--don't worry, because you won't see that in this tape. The set is the same, and most of the exercisers are full-figured on top if you know what I mean, but IMHO this is a good ab tape if you are looking for a little bit of variety in your routine. Don't hesitate to buy it if you can find it for $5.95 or if you can get it from the exchange!

Instructor comments: In this video, Janis has a fairly down-to-business attitude. She explains the moves, but I thought that she could have been a little bit more thorough describing where you should be feeling the exercises. She has great abs, as do the other exercisers in the video.

Kristin Aziz

This is the only Crunch video that I have-most of the others were too annoying to me because of the whooping and because they just seem too frantic. There is none of that in this video. It is a short, effective ab workout for those days when you have to squeeze some abs in.

The first couple of times I did this tape I used the towel, but just did not care for doing it that way. I now do the tape without the towel and feel that I get a better workout without it. This section has you lift up, open your arms, cross them to your chest and then lower back down. Each move is done slowly (two counts each) first so you spend quite a bit of time with your torso raised. The sequence is then done one count each. You also do some reverse crunches with the towel - this is the section that I always find burns my lower abs!

The second half of the workout you either have your feet on the floor or you are lifting alternating legs. You also pull the mat up to support your head (which again I don't do- I use my hands to support my neck). The punching while doing oblique work is something I have not seen before!

In summary, this is a quick ab workout but I usually feel it afterwards. A great add on to a tape without ab work in it.

Instructor comments: Janis does every move slowly and cues very well. She does not spend any time chatting or making comments, which I really like- purely down to the business of working those abs!

Tara Whitmore

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