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Comments about Cindy Crawford

It seems that a suit has been filed against the producers of the first Cindy Crawford video by a person who was injured while attempting to perform the demonstrated exercises (having seen the video, if I were an expert witness for them they'd be finished).

I don't know any more than that about the suit, but it is the first of its kind, and the outcome of it will be very interesting for those of us in the industry.

Larry DeLuca

I think Cindy Crawford does an excellent job! She explains things really well (plus, there's an index at the end, that teach you how to do the more difficult moves. She is motivating: her personality is fun, and you feel like she really is working with you (it's nice to know that she is feeling the "pain" that you are. Also, she has a great figure, which can be pretty motivating as well.

April M. Stone

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