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Another Level

Cindy Crawford and her fitness "guru"

This videao was interesting at first through the different stretches and all, but then got to be quite boring. There was no aerobic session per say. A serus of lunges and squats and other comon exercises were used to "tighten" the body, but it wasnt much of a fat burner. Although i must admit the toning was almost the best ive ever seen. This was the second videa i got and being a teenager good videos are hard to find but this gave me results qiuite fast. The arm and back segments were great and the abs were pretty good too. Although i suggest to people who exercise more than 5 days a week to use the toning in here with an alternate "Aerobic" video for effectiveness. The video was overall good. The music was okay- relaxing after a long day. One thing i couldnt stand was radu her "furu". His voice got irritating but he did help explain the moves. this video deserves between a B+ and an A -.

Instructor comments: Cindy was very motivational. She always pushed you to go just a bit farther. Because yu know she can take care of her body you trust her more. She shows proper form although she goes a bit fast on the lunge part. I mean who can do a series of more than 30 lunges that fast? i am in good shape and still get exhausted. It helps that there are water breaks, but that tends to make me lazy!

january 15, 1998

Although this isn't the best video in my collection of 98, I must admit that I like it and I find myself using it frequently. It isn't redundant, so the workout feels like it's going faster, rather than just dragging on.

I don't like the chest exercises in the video. Boring. So, while she does her thing, I do my own. No biggie. I do push-ups and other exercises that I believe to be more effective than the stuff that she does.

I like the music and the scenery. Cindy Crawford doesn't come across as intimidating or conceited. She seems as approachable as interviewers claim she is. In fact, she doesn't flaunt her fitness level. Rather, she encourages the viewer by telling her that "this is a tape you should be able to grow with."

Instructor comments: Well, at least Cindy acknowledges that she isn't the expert. But let's face it. Most people who bought the video did so because they want a body like hers. I like the fact that Radu sticks around to keep her form and motivation in check. Most of all, I like her dry approach. She doesn't sugar coat the presentation.


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