Video Fitness

Steppin in Rhythm

Pam Cosmi

This dvd is approximately 60 minutes long. It is produced by Greg Twombly of CIA fame. It uses the CIA background. Music is a techno-rock beat/instrumental. Outfits are new-agey.

The warm-up is 13 minutes long and is probably more intense than most workouts. The body of the workout is 41 minutes and contains 3 blocks of coreography. Everything about the choreography is unique and interesting. On the first block, she uses "Tire Tracks" which is a move where you stomp on all corners. I haven't seen that move in a long time. Then there are other moves that I've never seen on video. The third block was my favorite with the sincopated moves.
She intersperses cardio blasts throughout the workout to keep your heart rate up. Ends with a short cool-down.
Intensity High intermediate to Advanced.
Choreography Advanced, but she is a superb cuer so it doesn't seem so hard. She cues a couple beats ahead so by the time your brain catches up with your feet, you got it!
I loved this dvd. This type of program is why I initially fell in love with step.
I'd give Pam an A+ for cueing and the dvd an A- for a few minor things such as the music isn't "Christi" quality.

Instructor comments: Very, very cute. She has a deep voice with a unique accent. Excellent cuer.



This is my first review so I'll do my best. I love complex choreography (usually do Christy and Patrick). I found this to be my most complex step workout yet. This is NOT for the choreographically challenged. She does some pretty inticate footwork (she does a move called tire tracks that I just stood there staring at the screen). She also does a lot of triples over the step and around the step. There are some steps where you're facing to the back. She also does a lot of turns. I would definitely recommend previewing this workout first before doing it and do it only on a 6" step. I usually just do workouts without previewing but before I attempt this again, I will definitely preview it and get the steps down. The workout is as follows: about 13 minutes of warmup, then 3 blocks of step (1st one is about 15 minutes, the next two are a little shorter) and about 4 minutes of cooldown and stretch. I feel more stretched out with Cathe's stretches than I did with Pam's. Overall, I really liked this workout. It was a real challenge for me and I'm used to complex choreography. I will look forward to doing this workout again and will feel very accomplished when I can do it all without stopping. The music wasn't bad but I wasn't really paying attention since I was trying so hard to do the steps.

Instructor comments: Her voice is a little annoying in the beginning but I got used to it. She cues well but you really need to know the steps. Although there were a couple of times when she said right and it was her right but your left. I would compare her choreography to Patrick, Seasun and Christy.



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