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Step 'n Low

This is a very long workout divided into two segments. There is an excellent 25 minute step segment with good music and excellent instruction. I consider it intermediate to advanced stepping and Candace Copeland is one of the best instructors. There is a cool down after the step segment that can also be used as a warm-up for the high-low. High-low is very good, dancy and a lot of fun. Great music too. If you complete the entire workout, your are getting a good 60-minute cardio workout. I highly recommend this
video for intermediate-advanced exercisers.

maryann parker

This half step, half hi/lo workout is one of my favorites. You start with 30 minutes of fun step routines followed by
about 25 minutes of even more fun hi/lo. In between the two segments, there's a warmup/cooldown, depending on whether you're going on to the hi/lo.

I always do both segments together. I love combo workouts like this, and I have a strong opinion that the step should always be the first segment, as this one is. (If it's not first, your legs get tired and you trip over the step.) The complete workout, including warmups, stretches, etc., is about an hour and 10 minutes.

The intensity and choreography are both at an upper-intermediate level. And the choreography is fun, a lot more than your traditional step and hi/lo. The music is really good, too.

I give this tape an A. It's my second-favorite of Candice's workouts. (The first one is Step Ahead.)

Annie S.

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