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Comments About Candice Copeland

Candice deserves to be better known than she is. She doesn't put out many videos on her own, but she has worked behind the scenes for Kathy Smith and others. Her "Step Ahead" was released several years ago and is hard to find in stores, but has held up nicely for its age. Candice cues and instructs very well, uses good form, and has a friendly demeanor without being too phony. She uses basic, conventional steps that are familiar to all, thus making her routines very easy to learn, yet the addition of arm movements and propulsions can make them quite tough. Persons who dislike (or can't cope with) more fast or complex routines, but still want a challenge, should definitely check out Candice. Besides "Step Ahead", Collage still carries her older videos like "Abs and Legs" and "Low Impact Challenge", as well as the more recent "Step and Low" (back-to-back stepping and floor, like "Kari Anderson's Two the Max") and her "One on One" abs video.

Sue Bryant

Candice Copeland reminds me of several other good instructors. She's no-nonsense like Karen Voight and creative like Kari Anderson. She's good at giving form pointers and cues very well. I like her!

Annie S.

In my opinion, Candance Copeland is one of the best instructors out there today. Even though she is not as famous as some of the other instructors, she is a valuable find for any serious exerciser.

Maryann Parker

Candice is excellent. Her teaching experience is obvious; she is encouraging and she gives plenty of instruction of proper form. I think if she could, she would walk through the TV to correct your form.

Elaine C.

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