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Super Cardio Jam

Boy, am I glad I didn't pay money for this tape (got it through the exchange)! I couldn't even finish previewing it. This tape is shot with really wierd camera angles which bounced around so much I actually thought I as going to get sick to my stomach from the dizziness.

It started out with Scott dressed and acting like a movie star so busy smoking and drinking, he couldn't work out--then moved to his pool where he started the warm-up. He was dressed in these funky pajamas and had his shirt half on and half off--I guess so we could see his great chest (which is nice, by the way). He giggled and he gaggled and it didn't get better from there--I turned it off after 20 minutes.

I'm sorry--if this is "funk", I guess I'm not destined to do it. This tape goes back on the exchange!

Instructor comments: Tries too hard to be funny--doesn't cue well in this tape at all

Kathy Martinez

Super Cardio Flop is what I call this video. It has the worst filming I have ever seen in an exercise video. I got sick watching it. You know those home movies where the person forgets to turn off the record button and you see feet as you watch it? Well this is just like that. Scott needs to get a new camera man. It even cuts off his head on some parts of the filming. The worst!

This video, what I could watch without getting motion sickness starts off with Scott smoking a cigarette and drinking something and saying," I don't have time!" Then it says smoking is hazardous to your health. Pretty strange beginning. Then comes the workout. It is Scott doing low impact aerobics at his Palm Springs home in front of his pool. It is sunny and it looks like Scott forgot to take off his pajamas. His pajama top is totally open to view his naked chest. He apologizes for the flash dance look. He keeps cracking jokes all the time which don't make sense. The aerobics is complex and dancy but he doesn't cue well. The cameraman is awful and the sound is awful too. You can hear the wind blowing in the microphone. The music for the first aerobic section is the same ol'CIA 9701, Step Works, Great Moves Step Construction, CIA 9809 kickbox soundtrack which is getting so old. The second aerobic section Scott is wearing a see through white muscle t-shirt with black bell bottom pants. It is more high impact aerobics and also has some new music( tribal beat). He gets so sweaty that his t-shirt becomes transparent so we all get to see a wet t-shirt look. I wasn't impressed. The stretching part finally has a nice still camera that shows two angles of Scott stretching. He got rid of the wet t-shirt and is now toploss again. Then the end of the video, the awful moving camera follows Scott as he walks you through his house showing you his living room, dining room, kitchen, guest room and bathroom with pineaple lights. But by the end of watching this video, I felt like I just got off a boat in a storm. Yuck! I wish I hadn't wasted my money on this video.

Instructor comments: A word of caution!!! Don't watch this video if you have motion sickness!!!!! I am sick as I write this.

Mandy Lee

Hmmmm. I love Scott Cole, so it pains me to say this, but I think he should stick with the "Jeff and Scott" team. I think Jeff (Vandiver) tones down some of Scott's more eccentric traits!

This high/low workout has moves that combine traditional aerobics, martial arts, and dance. Some of the moves are just boring, and some are difficult to execute without feeling like a moron. I didn't even get all the way through it once.

This is billed on the cover as an advanced aerobic workout. Not. The intensity, at best, is low-intermediate. The choreography ranges from beginner to advanced -- but by advanced, I mean the dancier or funk-type moves. Not advanced like the G-Force or Franny or Christi.

Scott wears really odd clothes. In the first part, he wears an open shirt that keeps falling off his shoulders. If that's not annoying enough, the camera keeps jumping around all over the place. There are several instances where Scott's demonstrating a new move, and you can't even see it.

The one good thing about this tape is the music in the first aerobic section. He calls it jammin' funk. It would be great to exercise to on another tape.

Those beginners and intermediates who like dance and martial arts might very well like this tape. But for me, it's a C-.

Instructor comments: Scott, for all his charm and wit (not to mention good looks), can be downright strange sometimes.

Annie S.

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