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Millenium Stretch for 2

Scott Cole

I finally did this workout with my DH. It is OK. Not particularly a stretch for flexibility video. More of a relaxation, massage, trust and bonding kind of process. A bit high on the "woo woo" scale too. We both prefer the original MS.

There is about a 5 minute warm up, 40 minute partnered
stretching and 4 minute cool down/meditation. There are several couples, including a mom and daughter pair.

The partnered stretching consists of either pulling on your partners arms or pushing on their back to facilitate deeper stretches. You use eachother for leverage, balance and extra stretching.

My DH is taller, heavier, much stronger and less flexible than I. So he was afraid of hurting me in some of the partnered stretches. And I was not strong enough to give him a good stretch in some of them. This might work better if both partners are about equal in these areas.
I do have to warn anyone interested in this video:

- Scott jokes a lot and is possibly more chatty and goofy in this one than in Millennium Stretch.
- The set is bright red.

- If you get sweaty you won't be able to hang on to your partner's hands or wrists. Could be a slippery situation.
- The music is ok. It starts out with some Spanish guitar. Then some birds start chattering loudly. That may bother your cats.

- The beginning warm-up consists of eye contact mirroring exercises that are reminiscent of "Acting 101" classes. It seems to go on for a LONG time. Could be uncomfortable if your partner is shy or repressed.

- The closing "tree meditation" is exceptionally goofy. I recommend keeping your eyes shut the whole time. (Or else you will end up with the "laughing meditation" which may

Instructor comments: Scott is goofy. Handsome, but goofy. I think the jokes would get really tired after more than a few viewings. One could always use the mute button after learning the routine. And play some nice music like the "Ateeka Yoga"



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