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Buns of Steel Power Stretch

When I do a stretch tape, I want ONLY stretch -- no toning or "rythymic movement" or anything but stretching. This is because I've already done my heavy workout for the day, and these tapes are meant, for me, just to be relaxing and feel good. I knew when I bought the tape that there was toning included, but I hoped I could just fast-forward the tape to the stretch segment and do that. However, I found the stretch part to be not all that great, and actually pretty short compared to the rest of the segments. If you're looking for a light -- very light -- workout that includes warmup, toning (without weights), and stretching, this is a good one for you. There's also a nice visualization/ relaxation segment at the end. This video would be an excellent choice for overweight or older people just starting an exercise program. For me, though, I decided there were better stretch tapes that met my needs, so I've decided to put this in my Waiting For A Garage Sale Pile.

Instructor comments:Scott Cole (of Jeff & Scott fame) is a unique instructorwho emphasizes total mind-body fitness. His videos alwaysinclude some yoga/tai-chi-type moves, done in a more "American"way. I like Scott a lot as a teacher -- he explains movementswell, uses excellent form, and his cues are right on themark. I also like those muscular but lean legs!

Annie S.

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