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NYC - New You Coming

Kelly Coffey-Meyer

NYC is one of Coffeys newest videos. Its about 55 minutes long and sculpts every muscle in your body. Coffey uses two sets of weights - light and heavy - but I dont recall her ever saying what weight she is lifting, which I wish she would do. She multi sets with lighter and heavier weights constantly moving from lower and upper body exercises. She first starts off with the back muscles, then moves on to legs and repeats the back section and a different set of legs. AFter back she does the same sort of sequence with shoulders, biceps and triceps. These are all done standing and she does some moves for the shoulders and triceps that were fresh and new to me and i definately felt the burn. Toward the end she has you on the bench to work chest and abs. She then does more floor work for hips, thighs and butts and does even more abs on the end. Its a fun video and sculpts your entire body. The workout flies by. Its not power lifting by any means but you will definately feel it if you select the apporpriate weight load.

Instructor comments: Kelly is really upbeat and always delivers a fun , challengin and fast paced workout

December 2 2006



Basic steps with some light stretching

Rows with one 15# dumbell, one foot on 8" step
Back pulls (standing upright) with rotates, first to right then left, with palms up. 8# dumbells.
Back raises, bent over, one count back and three counts forward. 8# dumbells.
No weights, lunges to back then side off 8" step, first right leg then left.
Repeat with back then legs, only with less reps. Lunges to rear, no sides

Biceps, w/8# dumbells:
Hammer curls, side and front.
Lower biceps curls w/crosses to front, bringing the pinkie up to the shoulder.
Upper biceps curls w/down punches (not too fast).
No weights; curtsy lunges, side to side, adding in a side knee lift (oblique work) in between two lunges to each side.
Side steps w/back lunges
Repeat with biceps then legs, again reducing reps...or sets as she refers to them:)

Shoulders w/5# dumbells:
Circle side lateral lifts.
Uprights alternating with shrugs.
Butterflies (weights in front with elbows straight out and lifting) alternating with militaries.
No weights; standing side leg lifts, to side, at an angle back, and straight back to knee up to back lunge.
Repeat with shoulders and legs.

Triceps w/5# dumbells:
Overhead extensions and then with dumbells behind head, rotating elbows in and out.
Dips off step with hands on dumbells (more range in movement?)
Then you stand up and straddle the step, with the left leg towards the tv, toes out:
Legs w/ 5# dumbells:
Plie squats, holding one dumbell in front and the other to rear.
Repeat triceps then legs, this time with right leg towards the tv.
More legs:
Leaning over the step, braced on weights on top of the step, legs together, squat first with body weight on toes then on heels.

Chest, lying on step, w/8# dumbells:
Wide grip bench presses.
Triceps presses or as she calls them close grip presses.
Gripping the step by your hips, raise and lower legs.
Move hands to besides your ears, more lower ab work with leg raises.
Repeat chest work.
Pelvic lifts, w/8# dumbells on hips.

Abs on mat:
Crunches with elbows in and then out.
Roll ups and downs.
Tucks, then with rotations. Debbie Siebers does these in one of her SS workouts.
Oblique twists while sitting back at about a 45 degree angle.
Outer leg lifts, no weights.

Cooldown and stretches.
Basic stretches. Very brief.

Music is good...nothing fancy, but keeps you going. Doesn't drive you nuts...
Same clean, barn setting as Amy's new workouts.

Kelly is very intense in this one, encouraging but no-nonsense. She doesn't allow much rests in between exercises!

Instructor comments: Kelly is very business-like in this one, but encouraging. She tells us she knows "you're hurting" and her manner shows she's working hard herself. Her intensity is, well, a little scary, but that didn't bother me. Something about her demeanor I really like...sort of like Karen Voight.

Lydia Jasper

16 December 2006

I did this video for the first time last night and I am an advanced exerciser - Mindy, Cathe, Billy junkie. That being said, this was not a challenging video. It was almost exactly like Shape of Things to Come. I'd go as far as to say that if you have Shape of Things.. don't bother with this one. The only difference between the two is that instead of doing cardio between the weight segments, she does more "lower body work", i.e., squats, lunges, leg lifts, etc. Kelley just is not very advanced period. Just when you're starting to feel something, it's over. The only segment I found very challenging was the triceps because after doing a few different weight exercises for them, she does what seems like endless dips which fried them. I wish, wish, wish, she would've done the same with tht other body parts, but she didn't. It just wasn't enough. This video is absolutely 100% for the beginner/low intermediate - not the advanced. I do have to say that Kelley is very innovative in her weight moves. She did do two or three exercises that I'd never seen before and were quite impressive. Her ab work was NOTHING to scream about - I barely felt it. What can I say? Not impressed.

Instructor comments: Kelley is a very serious instructor without being a downer. She smiles but she's definitely not overly perky or annoying. You know she's not there to play though. She's straightforward and business like.

June 20, 2007

Kelly Coffey-Meyer is a high-energy instructor who offers fun workouts which blend more traditional exercises with unique, interesting twists. NYC is a 54-minute full body strength workout which uses two sets of dumbbells (light and heavy) plus an optional step; Kelly works out in a bright studio with two background exercisers. For the most part, the workout follows a specific pattern: Kelly targets a single upper body muscle group with several exercises using weights, moves on to an unweighted lower body interval, repeats a second set of the upper body moves, and concludes the series with slightly different lower body exercise. Overall, Kelly moves very quickly through the workout--the lower body exercises in particular are performed quickly enough to keep your heart rate in an aerobic zone.

Kelly begins with a 4-minute warm-up that includes basic aerobic moves and ends with dynamic stretches. The first muscle group is back, and Kelly begins with traditional 1-arm rows. More unique are the alternating shoulder blade pulls (palm up, thumb moves to the back) and the back raises with slow lowers. For lower body, Kelly does a side squat and rear lunge off the step; after repeating the back work, she does just the rear lunge, moving into a double-time count. The next exercise group biceps, starting with hammer curls that lower to the side. Kelly then does half bicep curls high and low, adding a 1-arm move to both. The leg series is a side step with a curtsey dip, adding a knee raise to work the obliques. The biceps are repeated, and then it's a side-to-side step with a rear lunge.

Moving to lighter dumbbells, Kelly starts the shoulder work, beginning with a circling lift overhead. She then combines shrugs with an upright row and finishes with a butterfly elbow lift and overhead press. The leg move is a wide squat with a knee lift to the side and then the back; after another set of shoulders, the leg move changes slightly to an around the world leg lift with rear lung. Next comes triceps: French press, elbow touches, and dips with pulses. Then, straddling the step, you do a plie squat, this time keeping the weights in your hand; to finish, you repeat the triceps and then perform the plie squat with the opposite leg forward. Kelly conclude the standing work with an additional move for the legs, a bent-over squat with hands on the step.

The workout then moves to the floor (lying on the step/bench) for chest work, which includes pullovers, wide grip bench presses, flyes, and close grip bench presses. Kelly then does a series of abs work with basic crunches before repeating the chest moves. She finishes this series by moving the dumbbells to hips for pelvic raises to target the glutes/hamstrings. She then moves to the floor for additional abs work. These moves were more Pilates-like and thus more challenging: Kelly starts with a 4-count crunch but then does knee tuck-ins (adding rotation), roll-ups, and half roll-downs with a twist on the end. Moving to side-lying position, she does a short but tough series of hip/outer thigh work on both sides, then repeats the floor abs series. Finally, Kelly concludes the workout with a very short (about 3 minutes) stretch on the floor, first lying for the lower body and then seated for the upper body.

The Main Menu of the DVD offers the following options: Introduction, Start Workout, Workout Options, Coffey Mixes, and Credits. The Workout Options is basically a chapter list (Warm-up, Standing Exercises, Chest to Lower Ab's [sic], Chest to Glutes, Abdominals to Outer Thighs, More Ab's [sic] and Stretch). The Coffey Mixes menu offers several shorter premix options:

Expresso [sic] Mix (no warm-up, 1 set of all exercises, stretch)
Latte Mix (warm-up, 1 set of all exercises, stretch)
Mocha Mix (warm-up, upper body, abs, stretch)
Capucchino [sic] (warm-up, all legs, abs, stretch)

Overall, I enjoyed this workout very much. I did have a few minor issues with it--eg, I thought that the triceps were overworked, and I didn't like the first abs series of basic crunches--but in general, I found the moves enjoyable, and I felt thoroughly worked out by the end. Kelly is a fun yet no-nonsense instructor; I give this workout a final rating of 4 1/2 stars, and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it, especially for intermediate-level exercisers.

Instructor comments: I like Kelly very much; her no-nonsense style is a good fit for me. She is encouraging but never chatty, saying things like "I know it hurts." I do wish she provided a little more guidance about which weights to use instead of just saying "heavy" and "light." Also, she moves VERY fast here, possibly too quickly for some.

Beth C (aka toaster)

December 5, 2007

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